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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Bright Smile , Latest Teeth Whitening Treatment from DRx review

Teeth whitening is definitely inside my "must-do-before-CNY" beauty-bucket list. This is the festive season to flash your pearly whites during house visiting and lots of photo-taking! The first thing when we look at a person, is definitely their smile and then our attention goes to their teeth. To be honest, my teeth have never been my best asset. The delayed extraction of my four wisdom teeth had caused the front row of my teeth to shift, which means my teeth are not well aligned at all. I'm currently in the midst of my invisalign treatment (invisible braces), so now not only straight teeth is necessary, the color of the teeth matters a lot as well. As we age, discolored teeth happens due to the food we eat, poor dental hygiene and other environmental factors. And no matter how much or how long we brush our teeth, these unsightly stains can't seem to go away.  Therefore the fastest , most effective and convenient method to lighten the shades of your teeth is a LED teeth whitening treatment.  

Why Bright Smile , Teeth Whitening treatment from DRx? 

Im sure everyone is no stranger to the current trend of LED teeth whitening treatment. It is popping everywhere from beauty salons, dental clinics and even to those portable home kits. So what makes "Bright Smile" Teeth Whitening from DRx stands out from the rest?

  • It's peroxide free, natural and safe, and does not cause irritation or increased sensitivity to the teeth.
  • It's much more comfortable because the whitening solution comes in a spray-on bottle instead of the usual gooey gel paste.. This means no more risk of swallowing the gel or salivating throughout the entire treatment. 
  • The treatment time is much shorter . Bright Smile from Drx only needs 8 minutes to complete each round (total 2 rounds), compared to the usual practice that takes from 45 minutes up to an hour to complete.
  • Result is lasting and guaranteed. You definitely can see the result instantly right after each treatment. 

The Steps of DRx Bright Smile Teeth Whitening 

The classic egg-pod capsule chair, perfect for retreating into the serenity of this indoor space.

Well-positioned and ready to start...

The step by step guide is shown right in front of me.

Brushing my teeth with their whitening toothpaste to prep for the treatment.

Identify the teeth's color using their color guide, so to compare the before and after result.

Mine was near the shade 16, probably the mid range of the colour chart.

Put on the apron and the new pack of mouth opener to help expose the surface of the teeth. Should not miss taking a photo like this.

Teeth whitening solution is sprayed onto the teeth.

As mentioned earlier, DRx uses a special formulated teeth whitening liquid spray instead of the gel form, so it was much more comfortable and less disgusting as you wont salivate or taste the yucky gel. This non-peroxide spray is safe and natural and will not damage teeth enamel or structure.

Eye goggles are put on to protect eyes from the LED light that activates the effects of the whitening spray and allows better absorption to whiten the teeth.

Lay back and relax for 8 minutes , then repeat the above steps again for another round to ensure maximum effectiveness and result .

Compare the change in color using the color guide again. My shade has turned jumped from a 16 to a 12, at least 4 shades difference in one treatment.

Photos of my before and after treatment is printed out for my reference .

A clearer picture that I took to compare the before and after result. As mentioned, I'm in the midst of my invisalign treatment, which explains the "attachments" on my crooked teeth. The yellowish casts close to my gums were bothering me but after the treatment, they seemed to have lightened quite a fair bit. For the next 24 hours, it's best to avoid food and beverage that can stain your teeth such as coffee, wine, sugary drinks etc. 

A dazzling smile can transformed your appearance and reflects a good impression. If you have unsightly stains on your teeth that seem impossible to go away no matter how hard and how long you brush them, Bright Smile Whitening treatment is definitely worth a try!

Now DRx 's Bright Smile Whitening treatment is at a very affordable price of $138 (excluding GST) per session, and no obligations if you like to take up their package. 

To book an appointment:

DRx Medical Aesthetic Clinic and Medispa
302 Orchard Road,Tong Building #16-01/02
Singapore 238862


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