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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Vanquish Me ( thighs) - Body Beautiful Programme at DRx

Non-invasive slimming treatments are always so popular because they are like fast cheat-pass to solve your wobbly woes. Everybody demands for a fast and convenient slimming method that is safe, pain-free, cost-effective and doesn't require any downtime. However non-invasive procedure also carry significant limitation. Who doesn’t wish to kill all their fats and come down a dress size smaller without surgery or dieting? I say non-invasive fat treatments can be your answer.

The best candidate are those who have failed to get rid of stubborn fats in specific area of their body, despite their attempt to diet and work out in gyms. Yes, diet and exercise do nothing to shift that specific spot of fats away, especially when you have already hit a healthy BMI and no longer want to lose more weight. 

And so I believed I make a good candidate because I'm already in a decent shape (or so I thought) and just need that extra contouring help on my thighs. 

I wore shorts at home, I wore them to the market. I wore them to pick my kids up from school, I wore them for casual dates and I even wore them to sleep. Alright you get my point, I love wearing shorts especially in this tropical weather like Singapore. But wearing shorts come with great responsibility haha, when I became conscious over my thighs. Since I'm always in shorts, then I want to flaunt them well. My thighs are not exactly fat, but neither are they desirably slim.

With so many noninvasive fat-reduction technologies available today. which is the most effective one of all? I may have not tried out all of them to find out the answer. But I know I've achieved very good result after completing 4 sessions of ;

Vanquish Me, part of the Body Beautiful Programme at DRx clinic which comprises of four Vanquish ME™ sessions and four skin tightening sessions to shape and firm the selected body part. 

I'm sure most of us have already heard of the reputated name DRx, who is also one of the pioneers specialize in non-surgical aesthetics all the way since the year 1999. 

The clinic is conveniently located at Tong Building in Orchard, just right next to Paragon mall.  Once i stepped into the reception area, the crispness of the all-white interior evoke a certain cleanliness and purity feel.

 I had a consultation with Dr Goh Ching Hoe who assessed my fats to further ensure that I'm the right candidate for this Vanquish treatment, and brief me through the steps of the programme and what to expect. 

(My pageant pose with Dr Goh )

Before I begin the treatment, measurements are made so that we can compare the before and after treatment results later on. 

We started with the X Wave therapy that delivers acoustic waves pulses into the body, creating vibrations in the soft tissues to break down fats under the skin. This is absolutely painless to me, in fact it felt rather therapeutic like doing a comfortable hammering massage to relax my thighs. 

And here comes the star of this treatment, VANQUISH ME!  The panel is adjusted over my thighs without any skin contact to it. and over the next 30 minutes, this FDA-cleared body contouring procedure uses radiofrequency energy to eliminate fat cells beneath skin's surface in a non-invasive way, with no damage to any skin or muscle. The fat cells are then naturally flushed out through our body lymphatic channels over the next few weeks

This treatment is virtually painless and requires zero downtime. It begins with this heating sensation that is comfortable enough to lull me to sleep. However towards the end of each session, I would experience a dull aching feeling at the outer area of my thighs. It is not painful though , but just a weird pulling sensation that I can feel. I brought it up to the staff and doctor who ensure me that the device is working on my fat cells and probably I've more accumulated fats at my outer thigh so that area is slightly more sensitive. 

Metal and signaling devices can disrupt the device, therefore it is more of a torture not being able to use my handphone during the treatment. On a positive thought, this also give me a good excuse to snooze during the day.

I was advised to drink a lot of water before and after each session so that the radiowave energy is absorbed effectively to eliminate the dead fat cells efficiently from the body. 

The last step helps to tighten the skin, improve blood and lymphatic circulation which can help to increase collagen production, resulting in firmer and smoother skin. This is the most relaxing part of the whole treatment as it feels just like a comforting warm massage session. . 

 I was warned that some people may experienced little lumps at their thigh area which are not visible but can be felt when you touch it. These lumps are likely caused by fat necrosis, where the fat cells die and will gradually disappear over the next few days  True enough I can feel the lumps the next day at my outer thighs, which kind of pleased me because I knew these are the corpse of my fats....they are dead haha! And I just have to massage away to get it out of my lymphatic system. So bye bye fat cells!

MY RESULTS after 4 sessions of Vanquish treatments

Total measurement LOST for top and bottom sections of my thighs : 

Left thigh - 3.5cm off
Right thigh - 4cm off

My cellulite-ridden thighs improved a lot and became much smoother and both thighs look much firmer. Do not expect the inches lost to be drastic enough to drop a size down in just 4 sessions. It is never an alternative for heavy weight-lost but it is a great procedure for those who are already in good shape and just want a fast , easy and painless method to enhance that certain area of your body.

And also do understand that the fat cells undergo a process of cell death over the next few weeks, so 
the body’s natural metabolism process needs time to flush out the fat cells that have been destroyed which means that the result is gradual and more improvements can be seen later on. 

It does not mean that I have gained a free pass to continue feasting like no tomorrow.
 However I'm pleased that it somehow helps to jump-start my motivation to begin a new healthy eating habit and exercise routine to maintain the result I've achieved. 

Body Beautiful Programme from DRX is a customized body contouring plan that not only consists of the Vanquish treatments, but also lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite and skin-tightening procedures. 

It is
  • - non-invasive 
  • - short procedure with no downtime
  • -Permanent result (if one adopts healthy life style after the programme)
  • -literally pain free compared to surgical procedures 
  • -They are FDA approved.

Do make your appointment to give it a try!

DRx Medical Aesthetic Clinic and Medispa

302 Orchard Road,Tong Building #16-01/02

Singapore 238862


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