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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Early Math Matters - Math & Cognitive Development Enrichment for 3-6 years old

The Importance of Early Math Education for Preschoolers

Being parents of preschoolers, we do enjoy the moments when our kids share their world with us as they explore and learn with great enthusiasm. We always want the best for our children and give them all opportunities within our ability to achieve their potential to equip them well for the future. I've learnt that early math education is just as important as early literacy. Math is needed to build reasoning in a child and exposing them in their early ages can leads to benefits at later stage. In fact, young children are naturally interested in math as it exists in the world around them . By obtaining a strong Math foundation to understand concepts and terminology early can prepare the child to apply the skills learned and make it easier for them to make a connection with the real world.


I've been trying to source for an enrichment class for my 3 years old BabyK and that's when I chanced upon Early Math Matters; a premier Mathematics & Cognitive development enrichment centre that specialize in preschool math education.  It is also the sister company of NeuroMath Academy founded by Mr Norman Tien, a PSLE Math trainer with 20 years of experience. 
My requirements are pretty simple. I want a programme that can build up BabyK's math fundamentals learning in a fun and stress-free manner. At this young age, play is the perfect learning environment for them.
EMM believes that purposeful play can allow young children to grasp highly complex mathematical concepts if they learn math concepts in a fun and engaging way. This is totally in line with what I want Kyrian to experience now.


Young children learn math best by engaging in dynamic, hands-on games and activities. The Math Intelligence Programme is catered to preschoolers age 3-6 and focus on teaching math concepts through purposeful play lessons with interesting learning aids and experiential manipulative.  Lessons are made to be fun, interactive and engaging to help them build a passion for math.

Now let me show you some photo previews of the activities that BabyK did in his 3 years old class. 

Practicing number bonds to 10. The kids learn all the two numbers that make up to 10 by matching the caps to the right bottles.

After the teacher demonstrated the number bonds of 10 concept, the kids get to do a related simple worksheet to enforced what they've learned.

Auditory memory game that requires the kids to listen and count the number of clicks they hear for each round. Somehow BabyK really loves this activity and gets really excited to shout out the answer when everyone is still trying to focus on listening.

Learning simple addition of 5, using simple blocks to input the concept.

With teacher's guidance, they did some simple addition equations together. 

Visual memory game when the kids pretend to be holding a camera to take a picture on the screen. They have to remember and try to place the items back to the correct position.

This is also a type of photographic memory game that teaches them about spatial awareness .

IQ logic activity - Arranging the shapes according to their sizes and number of dots.

Spatial recognition game , learning about position of an item. 

Fixing a puzzle together.

Motor skills training - cutting with a scissor.

Another one of Kyrian's favourite segment; walking a straight line while balancing an egg on a spoon. 

Every week, the kids are exposed to different interesting games and activities that strengthen their Math foundation and cognitive development. And these are what EMM meant by learning through purposeful play. At the end of each lesson, the teacher will conduct a debrief session for parents to share what was taught during the lesson. She also provides feedback on the child’s strengths and learning gaps and advise what parents can do at home to improve their learning progress.

EMM is very gracious to share to my readers some of their manipulative and hands-on games that are played by the 3 years olds in their Math Intelligence Programme. 

All these games used in their purposeful play are designed to engage all of the child’s 5 senses and help them build a strong foundation for problem solving during their early experiential learning phase.

My Review

The programme definitely instills a strong interest in Math for BabyK and builds up his confidence in approaching numbers and concepts.  This is exactly what I want him to benefit from an early math education. If he enjoys math, it is so much easier to teach him more. I can also see great improvement in his concentration level and observance skill. For a 3 years old,  he is able to visualize and interprete very well. Most importantly I can see his great enthusiasm towards coming to class and to share with me what he learned every week.
I used to think that Math is a very difficult and boring subject, as I myself struggle with the subject in school. However now I understand that it is different if the child is able to cultivate a strong interest in the subject at a very young age and EMM gives the child an opportunity to achieve this.

I highly recommend this programme to parents who is looking for an enrichment that specialised in early math for kids at a young age. So if you're looking for one that is able to kick start a child's love for math and for them to learn math in a fun and stress-free environment, then The Math Intelligence Programme from Early Math Matters is definitely the right enrichment school to start off with.

More information of Early Math Matters can be found below. Do make an appointment with their friendly consultant if you like to visit the outlet to understand more.


Address: 42 East Coast Road, #01-02, Singapore 428762

Tel: +65 6384 0797 , +65 97703263

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