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Sunday, 17 September 2017

My Mushroom Garden Grow Kit from Mushroom Kingdom

" Where mushrooms come from?" If one day this question is thrown to me by my kids, I guess I'll non-nonchalantly reply " the forest...on some dead logs??.." (Isn't that what we always see in cartoons? )

But if I would to throw the same question back at them, their reply is definitely going to be, "Mommy, mushrooms come from NTUC supermarket.."

We have to admit that living in an urban country like Singapore, most of us face the same issue inherent throughout our food culture, losing the connection with whole real food. What we eat always come from the shelves in a store, in the form of packages , tins or jars. Children now lack the knowledge about food, where it comes from, how to grow and how to nurture and harvest. So it makes sense that if they have a chance to learn more about the origins of their food, it will change their perspective towards the environment as well as the ecosystem. In another words, they grow to become more appreciative and responsible to their food. And the way to do this is to first let them see how nature works, and I meant, gaining practical hands-on knowledge of growing their food. 

There was a mix of anticipation and expectation from my boys on the day we received our very first mushroom grow kit from Mushroom Kingdom .My goal for this educational project is to get them to understand the entire life cycle and to learn the growing process of mushrooms. I told them their job is to ensure they mist the mushrooms and to check for bugs. Not that it attracts bugs, but just to increase their responsibility for them to monitor and observe the mushrooms closely.

By following the simple 3 steps instructions behind, we can start to grow our own Grey Oyster mushrooms!

Step 1: Tear open one side of the kit and cut an "X" onto the grow bag

Step 2: Place the kit near a window and mist 4 times a day. Make sure that the kit is in a relatively cool place and not under the direct sunlight. Everyday, the boys have to check on their mushroom kit and ensure it gets enough water, and then nature will take its course over the next few days.

The morale of the boys went dipping low after going through the first four days which they claimed that they see nothing spectacular. It was until the 5th day then we start to see these little "pinheads" popping out from the surface!

It was such a thrill to the boys as every morning the very first thing they do is to run to check on the mushrooms and marveled at how these shrooms have doubled their sizes. They mist them, fondled them for a while and asked me for the 1000th time whether the shrooms are ready to be eaten. The irony part is, my kids are pretty picky eaters and have never been a fan of mushrooms. Still, they were so looking forward to taste the first mushrooms they grew.

And once the oyster mushrooms grew and curl out like this, it's time to be harvested!

Which is what the boys have been waiting pluck them out!

Grey Oyster mushrooms have a delicate texture and a smooth velvety taste. They are also packed with loads of vitamins and minerals which made very good choice of ingredients to cook for children. I gave them a good thorough wash before throwing them into a hot pan with some minced garlic, oyster sauce and sesame oil.

A very simple dish to cook in five minutes. 

My Review Of My Mushroom Garden Grow Kit from Mushroom Kingdom

The mushrooms are of excellent quality and if you follow its concise instructions, you can get really great results. With this kit, you can achieve at least up to three more harvests by turning to the other side of the pack and repeat the whole process again. 

Growing the mushrooms yourself is really fascinating. My kids and I were totally enamored by the entire incredible process as we witnessed how these tiny mycelium gradually developed into these marvelous full-grown mushrooms. It gave us so much satisfaction each time we completed our last harvest. 

I just cant recommend My Mushroom Garden grow kit highly enough and best of all, it came with a very reasonable price tag of only $17.90.

Do visit the website of MUSHROOM KINGDOM to learn more or to get your very own kit today. 

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