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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Lash & Co Studio, an eyelash spa specialized in lashes

Ever since the day I put my lashes in the good hands of Kim, the founder of Lash &Co Studio (formerly know as Kim's Stylash) , lash extension has now become a necessity to me, ranking top on my beauty maintenance regime.

 It was just the beginning journey of my pageant days when I often turn to Kim to prepare my flutter-worthy lashes to rock the stage and interviews. Lash extentions add volume and length naturally to your lashes, from long dramatic Bambi style that is good for special occasions, to the natural neat curls for the day to day look. Kim can customise the right lash design for your eye shape,giving you that natural romantic doe-eye effect that you dream of. 

The greatest advantage of lash extension is that it gives lashes a rich and luxurious look, minimizing the amount of makeup needed to pile on your face (yeah no more dumb mascara gobs and eyeliner smudges) and you wake up every single morning with selfie-ready face and whats that not to love?

(Kim, the founder of Lash&Co Studio is also a gorgeous looking mommy who takes really beautiful portraits as well.)

Initially, Kim started off at a relatively quaint little salon at Midpoint Orchard as an "one-man-show. " In her relentless pursuit of lash perfection, she constantly strive to educate and further develop herself on new types of quality lashes, techniques and latest lash fashion. She treats her lashes craft-work as an art form to be polished and is very passionate with what she does. At that time, she believes in focusing only on lashes and be the best in it, with a strong dedication to exceed customers' expectations.  It didn't take long for Kim's reputation to grow as she found solid support and confidence in her satisfied clients to propel forward to expanding her business. It took her around one year to open a bigger and cozier outlet at Riverside Point with a strong team of experienced lash specialists, strictly trained under her.

(Lash & Co Studio's new outlet at Riverside Point.)

All the lash specialists under her wings have to go through a tedious and comprehensive eyelash extension curriculum well-planned by Kim.  

The new outlet of Lash & Co Studio is just like a little piece of heaven that is warm, cozy and inviting. You lie on the bed to take your lash nap while the lash artists work their magic on your eyes. And soon you wake up with gorgeous looking flutters, ready to hit the street.

What make this enchanting boutique really special is the dedicated and passionate team of Kim's. 

At Lash & Co Studio, the experienced lash stylists will go through the procedure with you and customise a set of lashes that suit you , according to your face shape, eye shape and the desired style that best reflect the look that you sought. Each lash is affixed meticulously just above the root of your natural lash, using high grade adhesive that is safe and non-irritating. The products from Lash & Co studio are of premium quality, imported from Korea , Taiwan and USA. Using the lash by lash technique, it gives you that light and natural look without weighing down your own lashes. Lash & Co emphasizes on beautifying your lashes , at the same time keeping your natural lashes strong and healthy. Even if you have weak lashes, they do offer treatment that helps to re-grow them. 

Their price may be slightly higher than some lash salons, but its really worth it for the premium quality of their lash work and fuss-free services since they offer lash primer, aftercare kit and removal of lashes at NO extra charges.

The common question that one always ask, are lash extensions harmful to your own lashes? 

Do take note that lash extensions if done properly by experienced lash technicians, will definitely not affect your real lashes. This is because the synthetic lash is attached on top of your real lash individually, and even if they fall out, it's due to the natural cycle of your own lash, and not due to the extension. 

I myself am a long term supporter of Lash & Co Studio and have been doing my lashes religiously with them for the past one year.

And not that I want to brag, but my lashes are still as flawless as ever :p

(The latest lash design they did for me is this 6D volume coloured lash. Love the va-voom effect!)

Do take a look at their catalog HERE for all the amazing lash designs that Lash & Co Studio did for their satisfied clients.  


Lash & Co Studio is offering UP TO 40% discount off their lashes for the month of August 2017 ! Quote my name "ADELINE" or my blog "OurHappyLittleSuns" to enjoy the promotion which includes FREE eyemask and FREE lower lash extension too! 

I swear this is really the most awesome deal that they ever had. 

Slots are always filling up very fast so you got to call now to avoid disappointment!

Tel : HP 94565671
Riverside Point
30 Merchant Road
(Clarke Quay Exit B or E, on top of Jumbo Seafood)

Monday to Sunday, 10am-10pm
(Late night or early morning by special request)

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