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Monday, 3 July 2017

Letters To My Happy Suns: Dreamworks Day Run June 2017 - Reagan's First Race

Dear Reagan, you had no response, not even a single facial muscle twitch after I announced that I've signed you up for a run this June Holiday. It is the 800m Kids Dash at the Dreamworks day race. Mummy knows you have never been a sports-lover and hates the sun like me. You went like "Orh ,ok." Like how you always react when I told you that I've signed you up for another enrichment class again. Hoping to get more emotions from you, I described what you can expect to see during this Dreamworks race and how fun it would be. The only thing that get you that little gleam of excitement was when I mentioned that your best friend Ean ,is going to join you in the race as well.

On that day you were more thrilled to see your friend than the race itself. I was so damn looking forward to this day so it was quite disappointing that The DreamWorks Day Run this year was not as well-organised as I expected. Most parents were confused by the different long queues there and because parents were not allowed to join in the run, they have to wait at the pick-up point for their kids after they completed the race. And that was the problem because no one can give us a good answers where the pick-up point is and that frustrates a lot of parents there. Ean's mummy and I got a little nervous as well, mainly because it was the first time we signed you both up in a run without any adult companions and there were no one there to assure us that despite the minor "chaos", our kiddos will be"returned" to us safe and sound. We reminded you both countless of times to stick together and not to get separated during the run. It was quite amusing when you both asked what if you can't win the first place? We didn't expect to see that unseen competitive spirit inside you boys. I was secretly praying that it'll be very good enough if you can actually complete that 800m distance without giving up midway!

We watched and tried to run along with you boys amidst the crowd of enthusiastic parents. It didnt take long for you boys to head towards the finishing line, tired and panting hard, but you both looks so cute still holding hands and persist on with the running. Halfway the race, you boys got lost from our sight and so we tried to find our way back to the end of the race track, hoping to catch you both dashing through the finishing line. Although we didn't make it in time, we were lucky to have Ean's daddy recording that wonderful moment right with his handphone. Yup he happened to be standing at the finishing line waiting and cheering for the boys too.

I'm not gonna lie. While watching you putting that medal over your head, I was secretly trying to suppress that tears of pride and joy overflowing inside me . Damn it...thinking about it made my eyes watered again.

 It may means nothing to most parents since any kids can receive this medal as long as they finished the race. But, it means a great freaking deal to me. Five years ago , you were this little skinny preemie kitten gasping for every breath and fighting to survive in the ICU. It worries me so much when every of your physical milestones was delayed when you were a baby and you only started to stand on your own when you past the two years old mark.  And now today at five years old, I've just witnessed you raced half a stadium! My darling precious Reagan, you never fail to surprise me with all your amazing abilities and reminds me what an awesome boy you are. Mummy is always gonna be so proud of you, for just being you.

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