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Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Immortal Elixir by KLARITY (Review)

I got to admit that my skincare regime has severely suffered ever since I had this clue that I'm now a mom with two preschooler boys surviving the school holiday period without a helper. At the end of a tedious day, I just wanna hit the shower and dive into my bed till the next sunrise. And whoever gets into my radar would suffer the wrath of a mom's fury.
So back to the skin-talk, being close to the mid thirties is what we called the "pre-aging" stage. Your skin is getting more vulnerable and enemies like fine lines, wrinkles and spots are all dying to make that special appearance on your face. 
After this beautiful and youthful teenager-looking boss of KLARITY presented me a couple of their skincare products to try, I got a good reminder to game up on my own skincare regime now.
We are always seeking for that magic potion derives from the mythical fountain of youth. Does the elixir of skin immortality even exist? Aging is an irrevocable phenomenon. We cant put a stop to it or turn back that clock but at least we still have certain power in our hands to let it tick slower or even erase the signs of it. 
KLARITY is a home-grown brand that developed skincare products with high medical grade ingredients through cosmetic science. It is also the first Halal-certified skincare in Singapore.With so much raves from other beauty enthusiasts, I guess it is also worthwhile for me to spend some time on this review, to add on to all the gleaming testimonials you can find online.
This is KLARITY 's star product, THE IMMORTAL ELIXIR , ADSC-MAX that promises instant age reversal and youth longevity.

THE IMMORTAL ELIXIR sounds like a perfect fit for the busy lifestyle of a modern mom. With 10 benefits in the bottle, it already sounds like an amazing time-saving skin savior! The fast-cheat that all moms need!
1. Instant lifting
2. Glow
3. Anti-wrinkle
4. Firming
5. Cell rejuvenation
6. Skin Clarity
7. Anti-acne
8. Minimize pores
9. 24 hours moisture & hydrating
10. Skin renewal
I'm definitely enamored by the detailed oriented packaging and details of the premium ingredients used in THE IMMORTAL ELIXIR.
The high concentration of Human Adipose Derived Stem Cells regulate the function of cells to maximize the healing power in the human body. It stimulate collagen regeneration, migrates fibroblasts, lifts skin and improve skin texture instantly. It increases protection, prevents DNA damage and boost skin penetration efficiency for other key ingredients like the perfect combination of Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C to every dermal layer of the skin, targeting the root of all skin troubles. 

Below are some of its' main ingredients.

The thought of spritzing my face with a water filled with miraculous beneficial ingredients as my skincare regime already sounds very intriguing. And with the hefty price tag of $350 for this immortality potion, I had quite a high expectation for it to give my complexion that burst of radiance with each spritz! 

Therefore, In order to fully experience the real full miraculous effect of THE IMMORTAL ELIXIR, this was the only skincare I applied day and night for the next 7 days before I penned down this review. It is the very first thing i put on my face in the morning after cleansing and before sunblock. I mist a generous amount and let it dry naturally while I get dressed. Throughout the day, I sneak in a couple of spritz to freshen up my face and when night falls, it is the only and last thing that rests on my face before I hit the sack. 
I guess it is unnecessary for detailed instructions on how to use this. Even my 3 years old can help me with it and he is very eager to be involved in my beauty regime. And If I'm gonna be like a really cool mom all the time, flipping my hair back and bringing forward my pretty canvas for my son to mist, it might as well gonna enhance my skin and cut some years back while I'm at it. 

The Review The mist came out ultra fine at the right density and veiled perfectly over my face. It gets my skin intensely hydrated as I can feel that certain weight fixed my dry skin in place throughout the entire day. Therefore there is actually no need to reapply frequently. However sometimes when I feel a little generous that day, I try to spritz more and massage them into my face, hopefully to get the benefits all penetrated into my skin thoroughly. After that 7 days of usage, the main benefit that I truly experienced is that extra layer of moisture constantly on my skin. As for the anti-aging effect, common sense we don't age visibly within a week so its really hard for me to judge with my naked eyes. However, probably due to some slight improvement on my skin clarity and texture , it does gives me a little glow within, as though my skin is wearing a natural highlight even without makeup. Somehow I can understand how the hefty pricetag of $350 comes in as a worthwhile investment, besides factoring in all the premium ingredients. With all the benefits that THE IMMORTAL ELIXIR promises to deliver in this one bottle, just picture the money you saved from all other extra products like toners, whitening serum, eye creams, masks etc. The most awesome part is that it took me like 5 secs to get that whole skincare regime for the day and night to be completed. And for this reason, it totally gets my highest recommendation.

THE IMMORTAL ELIXIR Price: $350 / 50ML (Immortality potion of youth does comes with a price)
For more information about the product or to purchase, you can head to its website at to find out more.


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