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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Kyrian's 3rd birthday Party - School Celebration and An Intimate Affair

Nothing grand or fanciful for my younger prince, Kyrian 's 3rd birthday. It was the same month that we were shifting out to our new place and we were all so cooped up with the renovation, cleaning and the packing. Therefore I made a decision to just do up a simple celebration in his preschool with his classmates. That was already enough to excite him so much when we told him that his dada and I will be making a special appearance during his school assembly. So in the car we were all very amused when we heard our three years old chanting away "today my birthday,  today my birthday, today not your birthday because its my birthday...!"

Instead of a normal cake, I got cupcakes instead which I thought was easier for the little kids to get one each themselves. The theme was one of his all-time favorite movie, Finding Nemo/Dory. This is another beautiful job done by Sweet Perfection, the same place where I ordered my older boy's superhero cake last month. 

Since his older brother Reagan is attending the same school as him, we requested for him to join Kyrian during the singing of the birthday song, which he of course gladly enjoyed the limelight with his brother as well.
 (Somehow I feel my boys look so girly in their school uniform.)

Next is the group photos with his classmates and the kiddos were all so fascinated by the pretty cupcakes!

On the same week, I thought it'll be a good idea to do another mini celebration with him at his favorite place, the pool. but this time only with his family and friends .And because it was such an impromptu decision, I'm thankful to those who make themselves available for Kyrian. 

My darling boy who loves the water since he was a baby. He always tells me he wants to learn to swim like a dolphin. Well, I'm gonna consider swimming classes for them soon. 

Throw some water toys and water floats into the pool and the kiddos knew how to entertain themselves.

His 2nd cake was also one of his favorite Disney characters, Lightning Mcqueen from Swensen.  And this is when we asked him to close his eyes and make a wish. Isn't he adorable haha! I wonder what a 3 years old kid will wish for !

Opening up some of his birthday presents.

Lastly, hugs and kisses to all the uncles and aunties whom he always enjoy hanging out with because he gets all the attention he wants.

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