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Sunday, 18 June 2017

24K Gold Skin Detox Booster Facial at Bionn (Review)

Fancy a lavish gold beauty treatment fit for the famous Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra? This ancient beauty was renowned for using gold mask every night to preserve her flawless complexion and ever-lasting youth. And with Bionn's premium 24K Gold Skin Detox Booster facial , everyone can enjoy that royal and luxurious beauty treatment now.
24K gold has been used in cosmetic purposes because of its brilliance and luxuriousness. There are certain properties in gold that are found to increase collagen production and elasticity within the skin. In some cultures, gold is believed to be the key to attaining youth as it stimulates blood flow and reduces signs of aging. 
Now, let me take you through the steps of this 24K Gold Skin Detox Booster facial treatment by Bionn.
This is the legendary 24K golden spoons that will be used later to clear my clogged pores when they released positive ions into my skin. It's just like using electronic gold bars to massage my face isn't it, how lavish!?
Step 1: Cleansing to remove all dirt and make up from the face, to prep the skin for all the wonderful gold properties benefits later.

Step 2: Massaging the face with the 24K golden spoons until the golden essence/ampoules is absorbed entirely into the skin.
Step 3: After spreading the gold foils over the face, cold booster Nano technology is used to speed up cell recovery and skin rejuvenation.
Step 4: Using the 24K golden spoon again to disperse the gold foil into the skin so as to accelerate blood circulation that helps to depletes collagen and elastin breakdown. This leads to a younger and youthful complexion.
I wassap a selfie to hubby and he said that I looked like the "Si Mian Fo" (4 face Buddha) from Erawan Shrine.
Step 5: Lastly, 24K Mineral mask is then applied over the face , to calm, brighten and nourish the skin.
After a relaxing shoulder and neck massage, I used this time to take a power nap, which is already considered a "luxury" too for a mother with two young kids.

The Visible Result After One Session

Verdict: After one session, skin is overall brighter and smoother. The little pigmentation spots and old pimple scars that I used to have at the side of my face seem to lighten as well. Skin is also calm with no redness. I'm not sure how long the effect of one session can last, but I certainly love that glow on my skin now. And also it'll be great if the treatment includes the neck area too. To sum it up, it is indeed a pampering luxury facial treatment that we women deserve to splurge once in a while.

But now Bionn is having a Great Singapore Sale !
 $68 (including GST) for two sessions only for a limited period.
Call 61000663 to enjoy this amazing deal now.

Once a luxury that was only exclusively enjoyed by ancient royalties and also by Hollywood celebrities, is now made possible for everyone to experience, the ultimate benefits of GOLD.


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