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Monday, 15 May 2017

Face Thread Lift at IM Medical Clinic [Review]

What is a Threadlift? 
Thread Lift is a non-surgical face lift technique that inserts threads through small punctures to the skin to lift and support sagging areas on the face .It offers minimal downtime and the result can last up to more than a year. Even as the threads dissolved, they rejuvenates the face to create volume and this elevate a lift and fill effect that lasts. Thread Lifting is best suited for patients with sagging facial areas such as brows, cheeks and jowls that needs mild to moderate lifting or tightening. 

The Procedure
Before the treatment, I had a 15 minutes long consultation with Dr Fong, who is IM Medical clinic's established pioneer doctor with 20 over years experience in this industry. Dr Fong was able to address my concerns and explained in details how the threads were going to solve my issues. Initially I thought I needed more threads but he advised me to try 3 threads on each side first before deciding if I wanted to add more. Having a low tolerance for pain, I brought that up to Dr Fong and strictly warned him of the probability of attacking him if the pain was uncontrollable for me. He took my feedback seriously and assured me that the numbing cream will save him from being clawed by me later. 

If I were to rank my pain factor, it could be around 3 out of 10. I just have to tolerate that one sec slight uncomfortable sting when he twerked and pulled out the needles one by one. Dr Fong was very swift and smooth with the "thread pulling" action and that probably bring down the pain level to the minimum. Trust me, during the procedure, I was still holding on to my handphone, busy taking selfies and videos, so honestly it's really bearable. Yes the numbing cream was indeed a life-saver. 

After the procedure, an ice pack was used to reduce the redness and the swelling. That was also the time when I started to upload my insta-story. 

The slight swelling after the treatment did not bother me much as immediately after that, my hubby picked me up for dinner and we even went for durians that night. Dr Fong advised me to limit my facial movements and warned me that I may experience some amount of sharp pain if I chew my food too hard or add pressure to it. Despite that, that night I was still able to eat normally without any pain, in fact somehow I ate even more that I usually have eaten. Well ,screw diet lah. If I have slim v-shaped face from threadlifting , then maybe I can cut dieting some slack right?

The Result
On the 2nd to 3rd day, I had a major breakout and minor eczema on the side of my face which was due to a skin allergy from the numbing cream. But fortunately it cleared up after a couple of days with the use of my steroid cream. I guessed it was because I demanded a pain-free treatment so the numbing cream was left longer on my face than usual, which was then too much for my sensitive skin to bear. See, I gei-kiang right. 

On the 5-7th day, minor bruises appeared on my lower jaw. The bruises didn't affect me much either because they were painless and light enough to be covered easily with makeup. 

Below is my 7th day recovery with no makeup on, so slight yellowish bruises can be seen. And more excitingly, I can see a tighter and lifted jawline now.
I shall put my before threadlift and after threadlift photo next to each other so you guys can see the obvious result. The photo on the left is taken in the car when I was on my way to IM Medical Clinic for the procedure. The photo on the right is taken on the 10th day after my thread lifting was done. Both photos were non-edited , except for the brightness level. 
Does thread lifting works? Look at my jowl area, don't tell me you cannot see the difference hor? The saggy skin is reduced and jawline is firmer and much defined.  Taking selfies of my side profiles can be chio now too. How I wish the result can last forever!

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