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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Reagan 5th Birthday - Superheros Baking Party at FIDGETS

Reagan is 5 ! So five times the cheekier , naughtier and LOVABLE now! This time, mummy made the decision to "outsource" his birthday party instead of organizing one at home like last year. And since Reagan enjoys baking, what is more fun than to have a baking session with all his friends?!

FIDGETS indoor playground was my choice because of its huge space, a cafe inside, and most importantly, it has a baking studio inside the playground. So I thought it'll be very suitable especially those who came with younger siblings. They can play at the playground while waiting for the older ones to complete their baking in the studio. I also like that the walls of the studio can be "seen through" which means parents can sit at the cafe table right outside and watch their kids bake while they have a good time catching up with the other parents over high tea snacks. Sounds so good right?

A month before the party, I made my way down to Fidgets to  check on the venue first. Then I approached the staff, filled up the form and paid a deposit. The rest of the details were finalized and communicated via email the week before the party.

Yes it was the fuss-free convenience that I'm actually paying for as well.

I also get to choose the theme that I want to have for the birthday party, and Reagan didn't hesitate to choose the Superhero theme of course.

That day all the kids arrived and were in high-spirits when putting on their chef hat and aprons. And of course all the excited parents start whipping out their cellphones. They definitely not going to give this photo opportunity a miss.

I was told that the suitable age for the baking activity was 4 years and above. However some of the kids were as young as 2+ and 3 , therefore I expected some chaos or probably half of the kids to leave the studio when they get bored. So we were all truly amazed that all of the children were able to complete the 2 hours baking session all by themselves! Marvelous! All mummies were beaming with so much pride that day.

I'm going to give credits to the instructors and staffs who took much effort to guide and motivate the kids , making the baking session as fun and entertaining as possible. 

During the cake-cutting segment, all the kids "transformed" into their superheros role! I made it "optional" for parents to decide if they want their kids to follow the theme. However it really touched me to know that some of the parents took time off their busy schedule just to buy, prepare or rent a superhero costume just for Reagan's birthday party . And look how awesomely cute their group photo is!!! All these photos are crucial parts of the kids' childhood memories! How many chances you get to dress as superheros with your friends?

Reagan was dressed as Superman and his younger brother Kyrian requested to be Batman. Therefore the birthday cake has to fit the theme! This round I ordered his cake from an online bakery called the SweetPerfection. It was also the same place that I ordered Reagan's 1st birthday cake back then. Both times the cakes arrived on time (in fact slightly earlier than expected timing), they didn't disappoint me with my customized design, and my guests feedbacked that the fondant was not too sweet and the chocolate tastes rich and good. 

As for our outfits, daddy wore a cartoon superman shirt and a black shirt with the Batman logo for me. 

The next highlight of the party, which is also what the kids are looking forward to...the MAGIC SHOW!

This is Fidget's in-house magician , Tricky Patrick!

Will I recommend Tricky Patrick?
 Absolutely yes!!! And you want to know why? 
Look at the photo below... that precious look on their faces.

Tricky Patrick's magic show is 30 minutes long....and he made all the kids (and even some of the adults) laughed hysterically throughout! Oh the kids ADORE him so much! And I like his professionalism and how he created photo opportunities for my photographer, by making my boy do these cute and funny poses.

So the next crucial question from my readers .......


You'll get all the information you need below.

Fidgets Baking Party - $1099
Package for 15 kids (additional child $50)
Exclusive use of baking studio for 3 hours
Themed dessert table
1.5 hour of instructor-led baking activity
Light refreshments & drinks for kids
Birthday present for birthday child
One Fidgets play pass for every child

My ADD ONs from Fidgets:

Adults Catering - $135 (A fried food platter and 2 trays of egg mayo sandwiches) 
Additional Beverages - $60 ( 4 jugs of chilled tea)
Magician (30 mins) Tricky Patrick - $350

2 tiers Birthday Cake from SWEET PERFECTION - $240 + $25 (delivery charge)

The fond memories collected that day ....priceless.

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