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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Letters to my happy Suns - Celebrating Easter 2017, the long weekend

Yeah , you guys knew that the school holiday is here and so that brings the triumphant joy on your faces haha! As promised, mummy lined up this Easter with a few fun activities for you guys!

First, we started off our day with an impromptu brunch at Birds Of Feather , a hip cafe that serves fusion food along Amoy Street. 
Mummy loves the comtemporary avant-garde decor of this place, but the price of the food was more towards the expensive side. Dada wasn't prepared to pay $90+ for breakfast today...haha!

A quick picture outside the cafe with mummy.

Afternoon is the play-date with your buddies at a new indoor playground that we've never been before, Playkeroo

You guys are inseparable every time you met. It always remind me how much you all have grown and the increasing love you all have for each other. 

And next we hopped to another cafe called NOM, to have an early dinner, and also to have a quick first birthday celebration for Isaac, one of the new member that joined your "gang"! 

On the Easter Sunday, mummy planned to take you guys to Cafe Melba for their Easter's activity. It's a regret that they refused to take in any reservations and the queue was ridiculously long when we reached,so we skipped to the nearby La Barca cafe to have our brunch instead. They too offer some kids activity there too like the Easter egg painting! You guys wanted to join in the Easter egg hunt but sadly all the eggs had already been picked up by the other kids. Reagan, mummy watched how you and your didi Kyrian continue to search for the eggs around the park even though I've already told you guys that there were no more eggs left. You guys were determined to complete the task! I guess probably next year mummy will organised our own Easter Egg hunt ok?

That evening, you boys followed us to have ramen dinner with all your favorite uncles and aunties. I wonder why you guys can get so excited just to be around mummy and dada's friends and never fail to pester them to entertain you boys. 

When there's food, there's happy Kyrian!

Auntie Nic promised to get you boys chocolate and you both went gaga over her haha! It's so easy to bribe you guys.

and Reagan, you didn't hesitate to pick a Hershey's chocolate bar!

Lastly we end our night with ice-cream waffles for dessert!

That night, Reagan you asked me when is the next outing with all the uncles and aunties again and mummy knew that you and didi did have alot of fun today!

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