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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Letters to my happy Suns : A visit to daddy's hometown in Shenyang during winter

Darling Reagan and Kyrian, mummy is now going to write about our recent trip back to daddy's hometown in Shenyang, China. We were supposed to visit grandma (nainai) and great grandma (tai lao) during the Chinese New Year, but the tickets were too expensive , so in the end we postponed the trip to the end of the new year month without telling great grandma (tai lao) so we can give her a surprise there!

This was taken right outside the express train which was going to bring us from Beijing to our destination Shenyang. Reagan, you were supposed to be sleeping in the stroller but you woke up instantly with your sparkling eyes wide opened when we told you that we were going to board the train.

Daddy upgraded our seats to the first class cabin so you boys can enjoy the comfortable and private space.You are still so obsessed with trains and got so excited bouncing up and down inside the cabin.

It was almost -5 to -8 degrees in Shenyang and also the very first time you boys encounter snow!

Reagan you were so eager to scoop up the snow when you see them.

At first we thought that being born in a tropically hot island like Singapore, both of you be freezing cold and couldn't wait to go back home, but we didn't expect to see you guys enjoying the cold snow so much!

On the 2nd day, daddy took us to Beiling park which is very popular among families with kids in Shenyang. During the winter, most families brought their kids here for "snowplay"! Mama bought you both a "snow scooper?", some tool that can be used to scoop the snow and shaped them into perfect snowballs! 

Yes a perfect snowball just like this! Kyrian, there are many times I've to stop you from touching the snow with your bare hands because I was afraid you may get frost bites. Mummy had to make you wear your gloves and remind you many times not to take them off!

There were so many interesting activities to play here, and we were all eager to try every one of them. This was the first ride we took! They were inflated floats pulled by a truck! Kyrian you were on mama's lap and I grabbed you very tightly with my knees because I was so afraid you'll get bounced out of the float during the ride. After the ride ended, I was shocked to see so much ice and snow on your face ! But you swiped them off like a man and told me that you want to ride it again!

These are metal skiing chairs and we use two poles to drag and move them on the smooth ice. It is not as easy as it looks but you kids were yelling for us to go "faster faster!"

After that we rented our own inflated floats to take you boy on a spin on our own!

Kyrian you were squealing in delight the entire time!

Reagan you were quite intimidated by the inflated float and refused to ride on it by yourself. After much coaxing and watching didi having so much fun on it, you gradually give it a try. 
But the look on your face made me burst out into laughter!

Daddy challenged the snowslide with you boys! We struggled to get you boys out of the park because you both had so much fun until you both refused to leave!

Another highlight of our trip was the time spent at a nearby Japanese hotspring. It had been a really cold winter and finally we can dress in something light and enjoy a long nice hot bath.

Our China trip was awesome and filled with many first-time experience for you both.

I have to type in simple sentences so Reagan you can read and understand better. 
My darlings Reagan and Kyrian, mommy and dada promised you both that we are definitely continue to have more trips in the future to collect more precious memories together!

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