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Thursday, 9 February 2017

PIXEL Photography Studio - Selfie Photo Studio + Promotions [Review]

Have you heard of SELFIE PHOTO STUDIO ? It allows you to be your own photographer to take professional selfie shots at your very own privacy. Yes, the photo shoot is done behind closed door and you are free to play around with your poses without feeling awkward with strangers around. You can even do nude shots if you are into that, why not?!

With below professional devices and lighting all set up for you, having your own professional quality photos is just a click away! And after you are done, you can either upload to your cellphone or bring your thumb drive to collect ALL your high-quality selfies photos taken during the session, at no extra cost!

So the photographer helping me with this shoot below at PIXEL PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO is....MYSELF!

 I am my own photographer above. 
Yes it is possible with just the click of this mini remote device!

There is a mirror screen right in front of the camera for you to check on your poses and shows where you should stand to be inside the frame. Super easy and convenient and it's almost similar to how you use a photo booth.

PIXEL Studio also provides a wide range of interesting costumes and props to complement your selfie needs! From wedding gowns, to traditional ethnic outfits like Korean hanbok to anime cosplay, shoes, funny wigs and I even spot the angel wings of Victoria's Secret!

You can't deny that taking selfies is one of the top favorite bonding activities you can do with your lover, family or friends. Therefore I have to invite another selfie addict to share this awesome experience with me!

Check out our work below! We didn't really use the cute props because we were trying to achieve a SEXY theme for this series showing off our gorgeous legs. PIXEL also offers photo retouching service at only $5 , which is optional of course. That means if we had terrible acne breakouts or forgotten to shave our legs that day, the retouching service is pretty useful you know.

 If you observe carefully enough, I'm actually holding the mini remote control ,but it is hidden discreetly with my sexy-wannabe poses.

We probably took like nearly 500 over photographs and best of all, we get to keep ALL the soft copies after the session. The owner of the studio ,Eric, does not believe in stressing the customers to pay extra for the soft copies or to limit the number of photos they can keep. His goal is to ensure that PIXEL Studio provides a stress-free fun environment for customers to create happy memories from this unique selfie photography experience.

PIXEL not only provides rental of the selfie studio , they also have a very cozy chill-out area (Marvel hero theme because the owner is a fan of superheros!) , which is great for family and friends gatherings, corporate events and birthday parties! They even prepared additional fun facilities like multi-functional projector, board games ,WII U console and many more!

And now for the golden question.... 

How much does it cost to rent a selfie studio at PIXEL Studio? 

For a group of 4-5 pax taking a half hour session, the rates can be low as only $15 for each pax. Surprisingly, the price is much more reasonable than I expected, considering that you get to keep ALL the soft copies of the photographs you took in that session! Furthermore, there are no charges for kids 5 years and below too. So it is a really good deal for family photo shoot. People are paying up to 3-4 digits figure to hire a photographer to do indoor shoot for them , and are charged hefty price to keep the photos they want. But at PIXEL Studio , you pay 10 times cheaper, absolutely no other hidden cost , get to keep ALL professional quality photographs , and most importantly you create a fun bonding experience with your lovers, family and friends to remember a lifetime.

Click HERE for more price details and other services. 

Lastly, PIXEL Studio is offering good "lobangs" for my readers!!! Good things must share right?

Quote my name "Adeline Lee" or my blog "Our Happy Little Suns" each time you book the studio to redeem the following promotions. 

1) FREE half hour for every first hour booked at the SELFIE STUDIO.  Yes , everyone gets an extra half hour to take more photos to keep , that's a  good deal!

2) Pay a special price of $70 to get a customized 36cm crystal acrylic cover album with 20 pages and $90 for 30 pages. Yes, if you love your photos so much and wants to create a special album to keep them, I would highly recommend this gorgeous high quality crystal album! And everyone knows customizing a photo album at a photography studio can hit up to a few hundred dollars. But now Pixel is offering it at such a special rate (see sample below). 

Promotions are only valid till end of April, so call PIXEL STUDIO at  64937373 / HP 97778937 do secure your slots asap!

There's absolutely no hidden cost, no hard sales or gimmicks involved. In fact I'm going to arrange another selfie session with my pageant sisters, the ultimate real QUEENS of SELFIES and I look forward to witnessing how they go crazy at PIXEL stay tune!

(High quality crystal cover album with 20 pages or 30 pages- limited time offer)

TEL: 64937373 / 97778937

Facebook : pixelsingapore
Instagram: SgPixel

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