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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Eyelash Extension by Kim's Stylash [Review]

Eyelash extension should sound really tempting to all lazy beauty addicts like me. No more mascara globs, no more eyelash curler,no more eyeliner, in fact say byebye to tedious eye makeup routine. With eyelash extensions, you can look fresh and awake even on days with no makeup! It is truly the ultimate fix that deserve to be added in our beauty regime.

 A good lash specialist has the skill and patience to do a good job using the lash by lash technique. They should NEVER glue them onto your eyelids, or clog your lash follicles which may lead to pain or infection. A good lash specialist also uses quality lashes which are as light and comfortable just like your own real lashes.

 I've heard so many who claims that their eyelashes fall off so badly because of lash extensions. But I just have to declare that I'm an eyelash addict myself and have been doing lash extensions almost every month for the past two years. So at the rate that I'm going and if the saying is true, I should have no more lashes by now. lashes are still intact and chio ok.  Absolutely no eye makeup in the photo below. Just the awesome lash extension I did today and will share with you later.

 Even without lash extension, our real lashes are suppose to fall off naturally by itself (just like we lose some of our hair everyday) but it's more obvious and easier for you to notice when extension is done to it. It still goes back to my point that a skillful lash specialist will do a good job to ensure your own lashes are not badly harmed from the extension that she did. After exploring all different places for my lash extension for the past two years, the best one that I'm going to vote for is not even one of the big players in the industry. 

Ever since my pageant days to now, the only lash specialist that I trust is KIM from KIM'S STYLASH. She's the only one that can give me the "beauty pageant standard" lash that I want. Yes, I rocked her lashes throughout the entire journey of my Mrs Singapore World 2016/17 pageant. Isn't it amazing that I wasn't even wearing any falsies even when I'm on stage or in front of the camera. The comfortable lash extension done by KIM is enough to boost my confidence to sashay my way up the stage. 

This is Kim's humble little workplace. Nothing fanciful or pretentious .

The certifications and awards show how trained the specialist is. You'll be ensured that your lashes are in the hands of a real lash expert.

Her basket filled with tools and products of premium grade.

Today I came down to let her tidy up the 2D lashes that she did for me almost 3 weeks+ ago.

Tadah! The magic she creates from her skillful hands !

Soft and natural, at the same time dolly and luxurious lashes

Kim offers extremely reasonable pricing for her service. $86 only (first trial) for the 2D lashes you see above.  All lashes addicts like me should know that this is a really good price especially when she filled up every strand of my real lash. There's once I've paid up to $200+ for crappy lashes from another popular lash place which claims that the hefty price is for more dramatic effect but it is not even half as good as the one Kim did for me above. So now I only trust Kim to handle my lashes and I knew she is ethical with her pricing too.

And unlike most places, Kim does not charge you by the number of lashes you use. Regardless it is 60 lashes, or 90 lashes or even if you need more than 120 lashes and above. She charged you at one reasonable NETT price and use the maximum number of lashes that your eyes can carry. Kim truly works by her moto "build business with her hands, win clients with her heart."

Below are some examples of her designer lashes that she customized for other clients. Great for parties or festive seasons!

And did I mention that Kim is also a beautiful mommy who looks really gorgeous for her age.  She was shy to take a pic with me today so I've to post a photo from her facebook to prove what I mean! haha!


Since getting my lashes done at KIM'S STYLASH, I've been receiving loads of compliments from my friends and there were even strangers on the street who stopped to ask me about my lashes, not kidding ok! And because she is getting popular with most of her slots being booked everyday, there's chance she may consider revising her rates in the future. So do call up to secure a slot asap, especially when she's now offering a good price for 1st Trial customer (view photo below). 

220 Orchard Road 
Midpoint Orchard
Singapore 238852

Tel : 94565671

Updated : Now KIM STYLASH has changed her name to LASH&CO STUDIO.

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