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Friday, 17 February 2017

Cryo-lipolysis by Zimmer ZLipo at Patricia Yuen Dermatology, Orchard Paragon [Review]

After all the feasting from Christmas all the way to Chinese New Year, I'm not surprise to see the number on my weighing scale creeping upwards. I see it as a god's sign to me when I received an invitation to visit  Patricia Yuen Dermatology for this new non-invasive body contouring treatment by Zimmer, called the ZLipo and ZWave pro Shockwave therapy. I'm feeling excited because this fast fat-reduction cheat will motivate me and kick start my body-figure maintenance regime again.

Zimmer ZLipo is the new generation of Cryo-lipolysis. It targets fat deposits and cools down in a controlled manner, leading to the destruction of the fat cells, which will then be naturally removed through our lymphatic system within 8-12 weeks time.

A special fleece, something like a cool pad, is placed on the treatment area so that the skin is not directly in contact with the applicator, which means that it is safe and gentle, without any risk of damage to the skin.

 When Dr Patricia asked where is my area of concern, I wanted to answer everywhere! Maybe in future some geniuses can invent something like a fridge that we can hide in while it freezes all our body fats to death , then we can all walk out of that fridge with perfect slim body....

Anyway, if I can make only one choice, I nominated my tummy to be the first to go. After my body assessment by Dr Patricia , she too agreed that we should murder my tummy fats, including the love-handles that I have no love for.

After the cld and dripping wet fleece is placed on my tummy, the applicator vacuumed the fats and began freezing them. The tugging of my fats was slightly uncomfortable but it didn't take long to become numb and the next one hour is just the waiting time for the fats cells to meet their death.

The ZLipo also has the ability to use pulsating suction to increase the effect of the lymphatic drainage and metabolism. 

Although it is shown here that the temperature has dropped to as low as -5 degrees, I can feel no freezing pain at all. In fact you wont feel the coldness due to the fleece and the numbness that has already set in before you knew it. 

The next one hour was spent on my cellphone and I even managed to take a quick 20 mins nap. 

When the time was up , there were some redness after the applicators are removed. However it was painless and the redness subside within the same day.

(The blue ink is the marking that the Doctor used to show the nurses where to place the applicator)

The next procedure was the ZWave pro Shockwave therapy, which helps with the skin tightening, cellulite and firming.

Instead of massaging the area manually by hand, the ZWave is more effective in breaking down the fat to enhance the result. It also improves the blood circulation, treats cellulite and promotes collagen formation , resulting in a firmer and smoother skin.

By combining ZLipo and ZWave procedures together, result is more significant and long lasting.
Studies have shown that if both treatments are done weekly for 4 weeks, the results in regards to fat reduction and skin tightening can almost be doubled.

Is the treatment painful?
I have an extremely low tolerance for pain and I dare to rate this treatment as absolutely zero pain. There may be a slight uncomfortable feeling when you feel the suction of the applicator in the beginning but it only lasts a couple of minutes before the area turns numb.

What are the potential side effects?
They have virtually no side effects. The redness on my treatment area subsided within the same day. In fact I was told that there may be muscle soreness, but that didn't happen to me either.

How is my result?
It has already been more than a week since I had my first treatment of Zlipo and Zwave, and I noticed a lost of 1 .2 cm from my waist. Well, considering the fact that there were no changes to my diet and lifestyle, so I'm giving credits to Zimmer then. My tummy does feel slightly firmer than before but I wont doubt that psychological effects play a part too. For the next 8-12 weeks, fats will continue to be eliminated our from my body naturally by the lymphatic system. So I do hope to see better result by then.

This is Dr Patricia, one of Singapore's leading dermatologist trained in the United States. She is a sweet and and humble professional who also offered me quite a few good advises on my mummy-tummy condition. Her clinic is distinctively located at the renowned Orchard Paragon.

The modern and neat interior of the clinic extend the feeling of comfort and trust to the patients. 

Cryo-lipolysis by Zimmer ZLipo and ZWave pro Shockwave therapy will be launched in the month of March and cost around $500 for both procedures together.

The best candidates for this treatment are those who are in a pretty good shape but still have stubborn pockets of fats that wont go away no matter how much exercise or diet they battled in.

So if you are struggling with the above problem, I think it is worth to give this treatment a try, Do book your appointment to secure your earliest slot.

Patricia Yuen Dermatology
290 Orchard Road
#20-04 Paragon
Singapore 238859

Tel: 62351200

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