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Monday, 2 January 2017

My Mrs Singapore World 2016/2017 Pageantry Journey

Hey readers, it has been a while isn't it? Many things have been going on in my life and I guess it is the time to revive this blog again with an entry of my recent pageant journey. Many have knew that I was one of the twenty finalist selected for Mrs Singapore World 2016\2017 pageant. So if you are really interested to see some snippets from behind the scene, or you are already a finalist ( or preparing to go for the audition) or happen to chance upon my blog while searching for more info on this pageant... you are truly at the right place.. 

Why I joined Mrs Singapore World 2016/2017
Initially I was invited by ERM company to help them blog for their events on Mrs Singapore & Mrs Classic Singapore held earlier this year. You can check out the entry on the previous pageant which I blogged HERE

 ERM is the leader of the most reputed pageant organisation in Singapore and they are the pioneers of beauty pageants cater for married women which gives them the opportunity to discover their hidden potential and to realize their dreams on an international platform. 
And because I had the chance to blog for their previous pageant , I witnessed the fun experience, the friendship, the exposures that I'll never get if I'm still a stay-home-mom,  and the chance to learn new self-development skills and explore challenges that I can never imagined. All these got me really interested in participating for the next pageant, which happened to be Mrs Singapore World 2016\2017. 

The Audition
The audition was a breeze because I was very prepared for the questions that I've expected them to ask , such as "Why do you want to join?", "Tell us more about yourself?" "What do you think of pageants?"etc etc. It didn't take long for them to invite us down to the office for our first briefing as the official finalists and to fill us up on the coming events we need to attend and what to prepare for the pageant. 

(First photo of the finalists taken by our Mrs Singapore Classic 2016, and our last year Mrs Singapore World 2015 winner Meena, during our first briefing at ERM's office.) 

Press Conference
We had our press conference at Orchard Ion where we received our number tags and pageant sash. I was praying not to be assigned as the first number because I thought it'll be rather nerve wrecking to be the very first contestant to begin all the segments. In the end I got assigned as contestant number 2, doesn't make much difference haha! It was later on then  I realised that the numbers were according to our age, which means the smaller the number , the younger your age is among all the other contestants. Mine is number 2, which means I was the 2nd youngest among all the other ladies.
During the press conference, we all had our chance to do a self-introduction and answer some questions on stage. I didn't expect to be intimidated by this first stage experience! Stage fright was the last thing on my mind. I had overestimated myself because i I realised that I was not as confident as I thought myself to be haha. My stage presence was insignificant and I felt the urge to get off the stage fast when I faced the audience below. And when I was off the stage, I immediately regretted not doing better. 

The two contestants beside me, number 1 the gorgeous looking Vanny and number 3 , Hannee the sweet as honey. These two ladies were the first two "allies" I made that day lol. We hit it off very quickly and I was looking forward to see them again for our next event.

Swimwear Photoshoot in Bintan
(Warmly welcome by Bintan Agro Beach Resort & Spa)

Our supporting sponsors ; makeup by THE MAKEOVER INC hair by VINTAGE STUDIO and swimwear by AIMER.

My pageant BFF Vanny in her bikini which was the same design as my one-piece swimwear. People got the body to flaunt ok..I almost drooled on her whaahha. And here is Hannee in her sexy tribal swimsuit and she has this tiny Barbie doll waistline to die for! 
By the way, all married liao, MRS already ok haha!

We are also the very first batch of MRS Singapore World to strut in our swimwear... no fear, bring it on man!

(Doing a shout-out for one of our sponsors, Vita CoCo.)

That night we had an awesome Halloween party planned by the ERM team and once again I really appreciate their effort in organizing this party for us, which was also one of the highlights for this trip. 

(From the left we have our Hello Kitty who looks cute than scary, our fiesty diva-devil, I'm supposed to be dressed as the Queen of Hearts, and lastly our dear Vanny who cant wait for Christmas to arrive)
We were so damn good with dress ups and of course I remembered all the selfies and photo-takings that flood our entire groupchat that night lol!

On the last night was our Black Dress event and here is me and Vanny again...
she's officially my we-fie partner now. 

This is one of my roommates, Raquel contestant number 5! Her craziness is absolutely contagious! And seriously I tried to find a good photo of both of us but this photo below is already the most decent one I can find HAHA! I really cherished and missed the time we spent entertaining each other!

I know the girls probably kill me for posting this but I got to say that I love this photo the most because it brought back so much awesome and crazy memories from our Bintan trip!
Damn it...I'm starting to miss you babes again....

Talent Show
It took me a while to think what I want to do for the talent segment. I cant decide between singing and dancing so I decided to do both, half singing and the other half a hiphop dance routine.
After I watched the hiphop dance routine performed by my roomie number 5, I admitted my defeat hands down, legs down and even head down haha! In fact there were many great talented dancers from this batch and I can see competition is getting stiff!

(The talented ladies....we are so damn good at posing man..)

(The hiphop duo. One day I like to do a dance with her haha)

After the show I realised I'm probably neither good at singing nor dancing lol. And since everyone has been saying that I speak like a bullet train, if I've a another chance to do a talent show again, damn hell I'm gonna do a RAP!

(A group photo with the judges)

Charity: Society for the Aged Sick
Unfortunately I had to miss this event because of my overseas trip made way before my decision to join this pageant. However it certainly made my day to see the photos updates of my fellow pageant sisters who had spent a meaningful day with the elderly at the Society for the Aged Sick.

Bionn Visitation
Bionn is our official sponsor for this year and so we can all enjoy a pampering facial during our visit.

 This giant stand-up poster of us was the first thing that greeted us at the doorstep. Honestly I feel my photo on the poster doesn't do me enough justice lol! Or probably I'm stucked in between number 1 and number 3, and both have the perfect small egg face...but mine is the face of a potato...HAHA

The Prejudging
Before the grand finals, there is a prejudging segment which is done behind closed door. Every contestant have to get ready their own makeup, hair and gown and go through a one to one interview with ten tables of judges, as well as displaying our catwalk in our swimwear and gown. This segment is the most important one because it make up the most points at 50%.

(My shimmering gown rented from my mentor Betty)
(Another groupfie inside our changing room)

We each received a trophy and certificate to motivate us for making this far in becoming the finalist of Mrs Singapore World. 

Fitness Test
Two months ago, we were asked to record our weigh-in,check our fats analysis and practice some exercises routines at GYMNTONIC. The day after our prejudging, we have to return back to the gym to have our weight and fats measured again and to test whether how much we have improved in our workout routines like planking, push ups and squats etc.

After our test, we completed a mannequin challenge at the gym too!

Grand Final
After months of hard work we finally reached the night we've all been waiting last best shot for our last performance together!

(Hair sponsored by Vintage Studio and makeup by The School Of Makeup)

(Waiting behind the stage for our first opening dance to begin..)

(Swimwear catwalk)

The Coronation

Newly crowned winners of Mrs Singapore World 2016/17!

Mrs Singapore World 2016/17 - Yusnimah Bousigues
Mrs Singapore World 2016/17 1st Runner Up - Anu Alex
Mrs Singapore World 2016/17 2nd Runner Up - Josephine Lee
Mrs Singapore World 2016/17 3rd Runner Up - Celine Fang 

Mrs Singapore World 2016/17 4th Runner Up - Adeline Lee

I'm still extremely overwhelmed and truly honored to be crowned as the 4th runner up of Mrs Singapore World 2016/2017. Thank you to those who have supported me throughout this entire journey. I'm grateful for the opportunity to participate in this pageant and to meet so many wonderful people along the way.  This pageantry journey plays a big role in forming the new beliefs I have today and changed the way how I used to view the world and myself. 

(It was difficult to get any clear shots that night,and this is already the best one I had with my hubby, taken by my bestie after the coronation.)

Presenting Sponsor: Bionn International
Swimwear by Aimer Singapore
Gowns by Beautiful Love Wedding
Heels by Riccino Shoes
Hair Styling by Vintage Studio & Vitas Pro
Makeup by The School of Make-up

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. I'm wonderfully blessed with the privilege to embrace this opportunity that has came forth. Although my pageant journey with Mrs Singapore World 2017/2017 has come to an end....I'm pretty sure the next journey I'm going to embark has only just begun..........

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