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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

How My Children go Medicine-Free for One Year and still counting ( Oxyginberry and Millennium review )

Yes as shown on the title of this post, my 2 years old and 4 years old boys have already been free from doctors and medicine prescription for one year..and still counting. Yes they haven't been seeing a doctor (except for vaccination) for one whole year! That's a good record to break! No they are neither little Superman nor Ironman who never fall sick. They still have their occasional coughs, flu and fever, but ever since I replaced all the doctors' prescribed-medicine and over-counter drugs with good immunity food, their recovery rate has been so much faster and the frequency of them falling sick again has reduced tremendously. 

(My two cheeky boys! Staying healthy means they don't need to skip school and are in good health to celebrate the coming festive season!)

My first child was born prematurely and has rather weak health ever since he was a baby. I can never forget the first two years of his life filled with the tedious waiting time at KK hospital and all the colourful bottles syrups that filled up our entire fridge and cabinet. It became worse when we put him in nursery school because that was when cough , flu and fever took turns to attack him almost every week! He was so weak and vulnerable to all these viruses and often in a drowsy state because of all the prescribed drugs that we have to force-feed him.We understand that it is common and natural for a child to fall sick as it's also part of their growing up. I always believe that they become stronger each time they recover. However isn't it better if the kids fall sick lesser, recover faster and suffer less? 
Finally I made the decision to embark the journey of enriching myself with the knowledge of what is really beneficial to my children and how to improve their health. It was then I came to understand that
Medicine for kids DON'T cure sickness. The drugs are used to temporary relieve the symptoms from the sickness but they DON'T cure. 
Your own immune system is your body's only best doctor. 
When the child is having fever, the medicine that you feed the child (such as Ibrupofen) DON'T cure the fever. How it works is that it only temporary removes the symptoms of the fever (high temperature, flu, shivering) to make your child feel better for a while, but in this way it also PROLONGS the fever and drags their recovery time. During fever, the high body temperature is a sign that your body is doing its job by trying to "burn" away the virus inside. It is the child's body, their own immune system that is helping with the recoveryThere are many truths that doctors didn't want you to know but I decided not to bored you with all the research and details here. I've given you the facts, go read up yourself if you wish to understand more. 

Now I'm going to share with you the ways how I improve my child's health and how I successfully go medicine-free for the past year. My belief is that sickness is prevented with good nutrients and strong immunity.
Nourishing our body is necessary so our immune system is well-equipped to fight and recover from any viruses that came their way.
(Oxyginberry and Millennium, the super immunity powder beverage )

Few months back I met a mom who shared her experience with Oxyginberry and Millennium from E.excel , to support her children's health. I'm the kind of mom who always approach new ideas and suggestions from others with an open mind, especially when it comes to something which I feel is beneficial to my children. Oxyginberry and Millennium are powder beverages that are recommended as premium superfood for kids. That's because they contain cactus, a premium ingredient which has 10,000 types of phytonutrients and is excellent in its healing, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

(I used to feed them with a large syringe but now they have got used to drinking right from the cup.)
 Oxyginberry helps to nourish their skin and body organs and its high anti-oxidant and super immune ingredients work well to support a child's health. Millennium is my MUST-USE powder beverage whenever my kids are fighting a fever. It helps to prevent the fever from spiking and increase their recovery rate so much faster than before. It also seems to reduce the effects of the fever because after the use of Millennium, my kids somehow eat well and play well, showing no much signs of discomfort even when they are burning close to 39 degree Celsius. And since they don't suffer much from the symptoms of the fever, I am more at ease allowing them to self-heal naturally without the use of medicine. Most importantly, I noticed that with the use of Millennium, it seems to speed up their recovery rate. They used to suffer from prolong fever for up to 7-10 days, but now it takes only around 2 days for my child to recover from a fever. So now I believe that their body's fast recovery rate is due to the reduced usage of prescribed and over-counter drugs over the months. Which means that their body have been trained not to depend on medicine but to depend on their own immune system to naturally helps them to recover. 
Of course you also have to trust your mother's instinct and common sense. Eg.If the child is throwing a fit from over 40 degrees Celsius high fever then you gonna send the child to the A&E duhh !
To maintain my kids' health, below are some of the health food , protocols or natural home remedies that I follow as well.
Organic cold-pressed coconut oil - boost immune system, fights flu virus and helps body to better absorb vitamins from food.

Manuka Honey - contains amino acids which benefits a child's growing body, treats respiratory infections, protects liver and heal wounds faster. (But take note that no honey should be given to babies)

Green bean soup - relieve inner heatiness and clear body's toxin. 

Probiotics - helps digestion, reduce diarrhea and eczema and prevent gastrointestinal problems.

Homemade chicken essence (will share recipe soon)- high protein and nutrients to combat tiredness, improves concentration , support health and boost energy especially when child is sick and lost appetite. 

Epsom salt bath - to increase magnesium level, flush out toxic and promote sleep. I prepare this detox bath for my kids whenever they are not feeling well. 

Young Living Essential oils - apply Thieves oil under their feet before they go to school to form a protective barrier against germs and viruses. Apply Immupower oil under their feet or along their spine for immunity boost when they are falling sick. Diffuse Frankincense oil or apply on child to calm cough or generate body cells.

Taking care of our children and improving their health is always the top duty of a mom. There are so many other ways to boost their wellness, such as introducing more fruits and vegetables, engaging them in more physical activities, practicing good hygiene and the list goes on.  If you have any of your own special health remedy for kids, do share with me too!

(One last cute photo of my boys "yum-senging" with each other with their power beverage)


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