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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Letters to my happy suns - August is all about the fun with friends!

August has been an exciting month for you boys, with playdates and activities all lined up!

With most parents' busy schedules, playdates are not really the easiest thing to plan but your mummy is so blessed to have really good friends who also have kids at your age. And that means there's "instant" play-mates for you guys haha!

 I never fail to emphasize the importance of having regular play-dates and the numerous benefits reflected on a child's growing up, either by exposing them to new environments or encouraging them to build relationship with people outside the family. Children can learn so much through play. It gives them the opportunity to be themselves, to imagine ,and to improve their social and communication skill when they learn to cooperate or collaborate in a game. And because children always learn from one and another, their imagination grow to include other imagination from their friends and that promotes a higher level of creativity for them to think out of their box. I simply enjoy watching my boys at play with their friends and listening to their funny conversations that usually cracks me up most of the time!

So let's playback our August, the month of fun with friends!

On the first week of August, we spent a day at Sentosa, taking the monorail tram , cable car and basically just loitering around the Island with your friends. There's always so much fun, joy and laughter during every kids gathering.
Playing with the mist fountain
Beautiful view from the cable car

The following week we had our favorite activity of all time again... picnic at Marina Barage! We love the breeze, the good weather and the huge open space for you boys to drain away all your energy!

Kyrian, as usual you amused me so much when you approached other strangers for their picnic food! I think generally Singaporeans are pretty nice and friendly as they're willing to entertain you. A few times I spot you eating together with strangers on their picnic mat and I've to apologize and carry you away, kind of embarrassing though haha!

Once again Reagan, you and your best friend Ean enjoys each other company so much. Both of you are just like superglue when you guys meet, totally inseparable ! May your friendship remains as close as this even after you both grow up and enter the next phase of life. 

August is also a month of birthday parties!

At your friend Gwen's birthday party, you still remember the rainbow jelly pop that she offered you.

 Also, I noticed that you were more initiative this time and automatically called your friends to join you at the pool. You even agree with me now that having friends is so much fun!

Next is our gathering on National Day 2016. We made you guys dress all in red and prepared a cake to sing a birthday song for Singapore together!

Coincidentally, you guys also happened to be wearing MAN-U jerseys so Uncle Des was very thrilled to have a photo taken together with you boys. Hopefully years down the road, you boys can mimic this photo again with old uncle Des.

Near to mid-august, you boys were invited to Imm's 5th birthday bread-making party where you guys get to learn how to make your own bread. Reagan you were so interested in the activity and stayed throughout from the start of the session to the end. You even constantly remind Aunty Addy to check on your bread and asked her repeatedly if your bread is ready to eat. I knew you cannot wait to eat the bread you made because you've added lots and lots of chocolate chips in yours!

Dear Kyrian, during the birthday song session I've to stop you many times from blowing out the candles! We've to repeat the birthday song a few times so Imm has a chance to blow his birthday candles instead of you !

Lastly is Aunty Annette's birthday gathering! Once we reached her place, you were whining non-stop for us to open the chocolate cake from Chocolate Origin , which is also one of your favorite brands.

(a grainy low-quality photo of you happily singing the birthday song loudly for Aunty Annette)

Lastly a group photo with mummy and dada's friends!

Above I've mentioned about the benefits of children having friends and playdates, at the same time, parents also do need the same stimulation as the children too! We too really need a break from everyday life and the fastest and most convenient way of de-stressing is definitely a fulfilling gathering with friends. While the kids at play, the adults get their well-deserved quality time with friends too. We do treasure the time spent with our friends and each meet up does rejuvenates us for the week. I'm also pretty sure that we make better parents if we're having fun as well! In this way, we also show our kids how we foster good relationship with our friends and this indirectly teaches them to value personal relationship beyond their family too. 

 I truly believe that happiness is relatively linked to social connections. Therefore I shall end this post with an interesting article written by a handsome fellow, on the fastest way to make new friends in Singapore. Do check it out :P

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