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Monday, 4 July 2016

Kyrian's 2 Years old Birthday Party - MINIONS theme

Minions is one of the cartoon characters that I thought I'll never expose my kids to. I don't find them educational, they speak gibberish and they look more weird than cute. Despite that, I swallowed back my words on the day I witnessed a Minion advertisement made my younger baby boy laughed so hysterically tat he almost choked on his banana. And that's the beginning of his love for Minions. It then brings us so much joy to watch him dance or listen to him blabber after the Minion's tune, especially that "bababa..banana~" song.

So when he turned two, we knew the theme to select for his birthday party.


All the kids were invited to the party dressed in yellow and blue to fit the theme too. Yes, all the little minions are going to assemble here !

These are the minions party props (hats and goggles) for the kids and my customised table-top name display.
 Pre-packed party bags for the guests (Assorted Minions theme stationary).
 Simple decoration as our photo backdrop

Balloons decorations + Customised name table display + Party bags + Party Props + Pinata are all ordered online from TAOBAO.
Minions is a common birthday theme, so I managed to grab quite a lot of interesting loots from there.
As for the words pasted on the wall "Kyrian is two", I made them myself using coloured and glittered paper.

Bouncy castle that Hubs arranged to bring back from his previous trip from China,. He got it at a good deal at around $200.

On the side note, most of the little guests asked if there was going to be a magician once they arrived at our place. They love the magic show at Reagan's birthday party which they attended the month before and was hoping to see it again at Kyrian's birthday. The kids have pretty good memory.

But the new bouncy castle didn't disappoint them either!

The party was held on Vesak's day, so we catered vegetarian food from Lion Kitchen, which was pretty good in my opinion, especially the yam paste , also the first to be finished up.

The kids took turns to hit the Minion pinata but it was not as easy to do so for their age. The parents were like yelling at the kids to "hit harder hit harder!" It was quite amusing actually, until babyK dropped the stick and went over to hug and "sayang" the Minion pinata~ !
I was taken by surprise. My innocent babyK must be wondering why everyone is being so mean, forcing the kids to hit his beloved Minion ! Aww...

Anyway with some help from the adults, the minion finally got ripped apart and all the goodies rained down on all the excited little sugar-craving scavengers.

The next surprise was the special appearance of the Minion mascot! 
What is a minion party without a minion?!

And yes that's my husband inside haha! He actually rehearsed a special birthday dance for BabyK but at the last minute he was too shy to perform in front of all the guests . So instead, he promised the boys to dance with them after the party. 

Our Minion distributed the goody bags to the kids and have a photo taken with them one by one.

Next our babyK's birthday cake is  from Nana Bakes , the same bakery that I bought Reagan 's train cake from. They managed to quote me a reasonable price for a 3D minion character cream cake in fruity lychee flavour. 

 Thanks to one of our lovely guests who managed to help us get these special fire-sparks candles at the very last minute again!

And lastly thanks to all who came to share this memorable day and got charmed by him at the party. 

Is hard to believe my darling baby superstar has reached the number TWO ! Where has the time gone seriously?! 

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  1. Fabulous theme! He is keenly interested in minions and party props. Sports theme of my nephew's birthday included his favorite football theme cake and all other games accessories as cup cakes. Hired one of the best event space NYC for the party. Kids danced and played a lot. Also the return gifts were liked by them.