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Monday, 6 June 2016

Letters to my happy suns, Reagan - The Week without your Dada (24-05-2016 to 31-05-2016)

The idea of starting to write letters to my children comes when I noticed that each time when I'm at my computer typing away, Rboy enjoys peering over my shoulder and "kaypo-ly" read out whatever I'm writing about. At times, he would ask me to show him my blog via my cellphone, so he can read up and view the photos and talk to me about the event again, especially that particular blog post on his 4th year old birthday party. Rboy is an avid reader and he is interested in his mom's blog, so what is a better time than now, to start writing to him!

This is my first letter to the boys and I hope I can keep this routine going...Sometimes there's just so much going on everyday and so much I wanted to say and so much I want the boys to remember Hopefully when his younger brother BabyK grows older, he will appreciate this letter-writing as much as his older brother. 

Dear Reagan , 
This is the first time that your dada is going overseas alone and you boys will not be seeing him for one whole week. Reagan, because Dada bathes and sleeps next to you every single night so I was worried that you would be the one having difficulty with the absence of Dada. Which also means I expected you to drive me crazy for the next seven days. However my fear was uncalled for because it turned out that your behavior was the most awesome this week! Surprisingly no cries and whines at all. You wake up early without struggle and prepare fast for school. At night, you didn't make any fuss either when I make you sleep in ahma's room. During the day, getting you to complete some work was such a breeze. You were able to finish the primary one vocabulary assessment book and all the simple addition sums practice all by yourself.  It was then I realised that you behaved so much better without the presence of your dada. I know that's because he's the only person in the house who succumbs to your cries and whines. Without him around, you truly understand that the best option is to just listen and obey my every rules haha! You are indeed a smart boy!
Every night after bathing and getting you boys into your pyjamas, we would sit on the bed and read the first set of Junior Young Scientist series together. Both of you love these magazines so much and made me repeat them again even after I've finished. Especially Kyrian ,your baby brother whom you always refer to as your "baby bombom". He can remember all the names of the characters and tell us which is his favourite part of the story.
Today mummy thought it'll be a good idea to take both of you to the Singapore Art Museum and spend a nice noon there together. 
"Under the sea" theme

We took quite a few photos so I can wassap dada and let him know that we were having a great time together without him haha!
Ah ma has been nagging non-stop for me to do something to your hair because they were too long and covering your eyes!
Therefore mommy bought you to Parkway to have your hair trimmed. You told mommy that you love your new hair! I also realised that without your dada around, you tend to give me more compliments than ever. Telling me how much you love me , or how beautiful I am compare to Elsa and agreeing to every single thing I said, lol.
After our lunch, I took you for ice-cream and once again you swore your everlasting love for me haha.
On Friday, mommy took you to your new Chinese enrichment class which I signed you up a couple of weeks back. You never had interest in Mandarin and always try to convince us that you don't need to learn the language. You always ask me why you need to learn and speak Mandarin? Mummy told you that you have to learn because your nainai and great grandma can only understand Mandarin, so you need to learn the language to speak to them in Mandarin, right? You cheekily replied, " Don't need, then I teach them English.." You never fail to surprise me with your witty reply at times.
However Reagan, mummy wants you to understand that Mandarin is as important as English, and one day you will do very well in Chinese too.
During our Uber ride, you leaned forward and asked the driver if he had the song "Oppa Gangnam Style" in his car. The driver was very amused by you. I had to explained that it is your favourite song that your daddy always play in his car for you. The Uber driver was a really nice guy, he played the song on his handphone and sang loudly for you! He made you laughed and bounced on your seat all the way till we reached home. Before we left, I made you thank the uncle again for making your day a wonderful one :)
On Sunday, Aunt Ella invited us to her new house and you boys were so excited to meet your friends there! We forced all of you to play this scary growling dog game and everyone's reactions were hilarious!
Next, we visited the playground first to drain all your energy before we go back.
I know you had a great time with your friends, so do I, haha!
On the last night of the 7th day, I guess you could no longer hold it anymore. You miss your dada so much and started crying for him to come back now. Dada had to talk to you over the phone to soothe you to sleep. You even made me promise you that you'll get to see your dada tomorrow right after you wake up, and that kinda touched me a little. I didn't know you were missing dada all along, because you've never mentioned or talked about him for the whole week, well until today. I'm glad this week is over too because I too cant wait to see that look on your face when your dada appears in front of you tomorrow!

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