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Sunday, 8 May 2016

[Sponsered] Classic Scalp Therapy @ Vintage Studios

Good hair care is also a vital part of our beauty regime. Healthy-looking hair is a sign of good health too.  Due to stressful routines and polluted environment these days, it is necessary to get some hair treatments done to restore hair's health and improve its appearance. And so, if you want great hair, you need healthy hair scalp too.
Therefore I like to thank Vintage Studio and ERM for the sponsored hair treatment today. This vain mama really needs to do something to her dry scalp and limpy hair.  
This is a photo taken right after my hair treatment called the Classic Scalp Therapy worth $88. They literally brought life back to my bouncy curls too!
Vitas Pro is their in-house premium hair care products that contain a synergistic blend of amino acids, vitamins, proteins and beneficial essential oils. My personal favourite is the Vitas Leave-in Hydrating treatment and I just love the smell of every single product!
I probably have to stay for around 2 hours here today at the Far East Plaza outlet, so I better get myself comfy and relax with some drinks and crackers.
After the invigorating minty hair wash , my scalp was first being analysed before they start to work on it.
The best part of this Classic scalp therapy, is of course the luxury of receiving a pampering scalp, neck and shoulder massage from their well-trained stylist, Michael. Massaging the scalp can be of great benefits to stimulate blood flow, reduce stress and tension, which of course put me in a better mood for relaxation. Something that I needed desperately during this hectic week.
I turned around to peep at Shayne, my pretty companion of the day haha!
Next is the steaming of the hair which is also a good time to check and reply some of my emails...and to update my Instagram or to take more selfies lol!
With my thick crown of hair, the boys Henry and Zen worked really hard to wash, dry and style them. They proclaimed that they are definitely the professionals here, and that's why I trust them very much with my heavy tresses here.
I love how my lively curls cascaded down the sides of my face ,brightening my look. I'm definitely feeling so much refreshed after this therapeutic treatment and fully recharged for the weekend ahead!
 Shayne has her pretty curls too and she did the Advance Hair Treatment worth $108. Please visit her blog to learn more about hers.
Once again, a big thank you to Vintage Studio for having us today. Michael and Henry did an awesome job for us!
 Do check out their website for their latest promotions and also to find your nearest outlet.
Some information on the types of treatments and pricings below:
Hair Treatments
Pre-chemical Hair Treatment $38-$48
Classic Hair Treatment $68-$88
Advance Hair Treatment $88-$108
Intense Hair Treatment $108-$128
Restructure Hair Treatment $148-$168
Keratin Treatment $350-$500
Scalp Therapy
Scalp Pre-Chemical Therapy $30
Classic Scalp Therapy $88
Advance Scalp Therapy $108
Intense Scalp Therapy $168
Herbal Scalp Therapy $188
Frictional Scalp Therapy $288
Clinical Scalp Therapy $388

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