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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Talent show for Mrs Singapore & Mrs Classic Singapore 2016

When the focus in life has shifted to taking the role of growing the family and nurturing your marriage, it is still necessary to take time for yourself and remember the hobbies, joy and passion in your life that once excite you.

Today's Talent show is a good opportunity for our Mrs Singapore (age 25 to 45) & Mrs Classic Singapore contestants (age 46 and above) to recollect reminiscences of their interest or pastimes that they used to enjoy, or are still participating in. 

If you happened to take a selfie/photo at our venue OneKm last saturday on 16th April, then now its a good time to do your part for charity! Because every posted photo that comes with the hashtag "whynotmrssingapore", $1 will be donated to the Society of the Aged Sick.

Now we see our lovely judges ,host and production crew all ready to begin our TalentShow 2016

Below are all the talents that our contestants are showcasing, from ethic dances to oldies singing, and even playing of instruments, these talented ladies are truly awe-inspiring!

Our panel of judges giving very constructive feedbacks on how the ladies can further improve their performance.

The wonderful support from the contestants' families, friends, cheerleading teams or "fan club"!

 Instead of 3 winners, we had 4 top winners this year! All 4 of them earned the chance to perform at the Grand Finals next month. 
Putting up an entertaining show on stage in front of a vast audience is no easy feat, but our talented ladies did a splendid job, and most importantly they all had an awesome time enjoying that few minutes of limelight!

Do stay tune to the culinary contest for Mrs Singapore & Mrs Classic Singapore 2016, coming up in my next blog post soon....

Meanwhile, do check out Shayne's blog entry on the event too HERE.

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