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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Mrs & Mrs Classic Singapore Press Conference 2016

It must be "God's sign!?" I texted my girlfriend immediately to share about the guest blogger invitation for this year's Mrs and Classic Mrs Singapore pageant press conference. It was so coincidence that the day before the invitation came, we were in a discussion about this pageant dedicated to the married and family community. I even expressed my interest in participating the next round and the best way to learn more about this annual event, is to be there at the event of course! Therefore I like to thank ermsingapore for bestowing me this opportunity to witness this event, interact with the contestants and past years winners and to learn more about their journey.

The pageant is not so much about flaunting or showcasing women's physical attributes. It emphasizes more on promoting female empowerment , inspirations , women's confidence and lastly, just being proud of who you are.
(Camera crew ready to roll!)

Mrs Singapore category is catered to married women age 25-45, and age 46 and above is for Mrs Classic Singapore. Here are some of the contestants for this year 2016 Mrs & Classic Mrs Singapore doing a self-introduction of themselves.

These ladies came from all walks of life and every one of them carries a unique story. None of them see this competition as a fierce meaningless battle for the crown. Instead everyone looks at it as a whole new learning experience with other women out there who share the same visions as them. This is also the reason why they are gathered here together today, to learn , to share , to support and to inspire one another in this pageant.

The press conference is held at Zell-V, a skincare system which specialised in cellular therapy products for rejuvenating and anti aging (ooh i love the word "anti-aging" so much). One of the pageant queens was sharing with me how effective the products are. I definitely wish one day I've got the chance to splurge on it. Anyway check out the gorgeous Kenny Santika, the ambasssador of Zell-V who is also the winner of Mrs Singapore Universe year 2011 (in white). And the glintz lady standing next to her is our Mrs Singapore Universe 2014!

It was a pleasure to meet the queens and to hear them share their pageant stories. When they won the pageants, people look up to them, full of respect and admiration. Therefore it is important that they serve as a role model to influence, encourage and inspire women to overcome their fears and follow their dreams.

I've a selfie taken with Classic Mrs Asia, a very bubbly lady who is a proud mother of 6 kids! And she is definitely forever young at heart! Her secret to everlasting youth is.....always stay happy! I'm also very honour to be speaking to Grandma Universe who shared with me what she gained from joining the pageant and how she has been constantly improving herself. Age is just a number and beauty grows with it. She even encouraged me to take part in the next round of Mrs Singapore! See... I'm already practising my pageant-pose with them, all ready! Haha!

(Look at their blingbling crowns and title sashes! One day I really like to earn it for myself :))

The route of the beauty pageant is an amazing one. It is also a journey of self-discovery because along the way, these girls get to recognise their strengths, beliefs , personal values and areas which they never knew they would be capable of. They also get to learn new skills from the pageant that helps with their own personal growth ,leading to greater fulfilment in life.

From today press conference, I understand that some of the contestants are also involved in different community/charity work. Joining the pageant will offer an opportunity to network with certain organisations which can help them to bring more awareness to the work they are doing, whether if it is raising funds or recruiting volunteers. These women really just want to make the world a better place.

Best of all, during their pageant journey, new friendships are created and will last for a long time because most of them have similar background; mothers with kids and family. They get to find and learn from like-minded friends who share common goals and inspirations as them.

If you like to know more updates for this year 2016 Mrs & Mrs Classic Singapore, do head over to their FB page. And if you're interested in participating, do look out for the announcements next year around Jan/Feb !

Lastly, I shall end the post with a picture with Shayne, another guest blogger invited to this event. I would describe her as a very dedicated and professional blogger. She even has a name card ready, how cool is that! Do check out her blog here, as well as her post on this event and her vlog !

It was rather amusing that Shayne and I were trying to find a good backdrop for a photo together and we ended up using the banner of Zell-V. So we took this photo while the ambassador Kenny Santika in the banner was actually right in front of us haha!
To wrap it up,  I shall end this entry with one more big thank you to ermsingapore for the opportunity to be here. I've learned so much just by interacting with the ladies there today. And yes, I'm pretty sure I'll be trying my luck for Mrs Singapore 2017 next year! Please support support! Thank u~

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