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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Travelling with kids to Batam - Montigo resort

At 45minutes ferry ride away from our sunny island Singapore, our Sunshine boys were warmly welcomed by Montigo resort, a luxurious seafront villa in Batam.
The first beautiful sight that greeted us once we entered our living room is the glistening blue water at our balcony.
Before I could stop them, they boys sprinted their way to the inviting pool and began their water fight. BabyK's giggles were unstoppable even after I've just reprimanded them for getting themselves wet.
It didn't take long for the boys to jump into their swimwear and hit the water again.
From our private pool, we can get a good view of the glowing horizon and the captivating beach during sunset.
The kids' great grandma and great aunt were invited to join us on this trip, so I was really thankful to them for helping me with my little monkeys.
The living area is decently spacious and immaculate. It comes with a useful attached kitchen stove and microwave. On the first night, we made full use of it by baking sweet potato, corns cobs, buns and even cooking dumplings! Thanks to the boys' great grandma and great aunt who brought along so much food for the kiddos. They have this perception that Batam is a deserted island and decided to bring along an entire "provision shop".
The 2nd level is where the master bedroom and guestrooms are. I love the refined-furnished bedroom because it has really good amble space for me and the kids to mess up...
 And the attached bathroom that comes with a luxurious ceramic bathtub.
On the highest floor is an open-air attic suitable for parties/ functions or a place to set up a nice bbq dinner. It was scorching hot when we came up, so it didn't take long for us to make our way back down again.
Overall the resort is decently neat and well-kept. There is still signs of wear and tear around the house though, but obvious only if you really go around inspecting every corners like Sherlocks. I do noticed rust and some yellowish stains on the floor tiles and furniture.  
I live with two active boys and a china man, so those little defects don't bother me much.. In fact if anything in my house is still in working condition, I feel blessed haha.
 Below is their public pool for all guests to be used but strictly forbidden for children (as stated from the sign) haha! Totally understand...a quiet pool for adults to hide away from noisy kids.(how I wish I've this in my house). Anyway it was perfectly fine for the boys as they were already contented with the private pool in our balcony.
Most of the beach resort stays don't offer decent breakfast, but the one at Montigo goes way above our expectation. .They do make effort to serve GOOD proper breakfast.
With 6 live stations, they won in terms of the quality and variety. I remembered having fishball noodle and even Chinese mutton soup on one of the days...and that's for breakfast!
The condiments below are mainly to complement their porridge, certainly an effort to try suit every guests' kind of tastebuds.
The kids were informed that there was a kids club nearby...and so needless to say, we headed there immediately after breakfast. With a water-play area, a kick-ass slide, a ballpit and a whole level of toys, it's a great place to keep the kiddos busy while the adults can have some "me-time"...which means a good time to fiddle with our phones without distraction.
Timetable of the daily kids programme organised by the Kids Club.
On our 2nd night, Hubs arranged to set up the BBQ dinner right next to our pool. BabyK as usual, is always the first one at the eating table haha.
Table was nicely set up for us  and the best part is...we do not need to do the BBQ-ing job!
Service at Montigo is excellent. The staffs there are a bunch of passionate people eager to go all the way out to impress their guests.
And let me tell you why I felt this way. That morning while I was at the cafĂ© selecting my bbq orders for our dinner at our own unit, I couldnt find any suitable soup dish on the menu for the kids. Thus I just brushed it off and told Hubs that the boys will just make do without soup today . However I was unsure if they overheard our conversation or the staff brought it up to the chef, because coincidentally that evening, the chef arrived with a complimentary bowl of piping hot corn soup. It was not in the menu, but he had specially prepared it just for the kiddos! I was truly touched by this nice gesture.
Next, the chef and his assistant even offer free "baby-sitting" service for us !Well actually after completing the BBQ and serving us like royalty, they helped to entertain my kids so the adults can engaged in their own conversation and fully enjoy our dinner in peace.
Best of all, my cheeky and active boys really love their new playmates!
Service that goes an extra mile. They really made our BBQ night an extreme pleasant one, and my boys had a great time indeed, thank you!
The next morning, weather was perfect, so we explored the jetty and took more photos there.
High tide vs low tide.

A water sports centre is just situated nearby but it didn't arouse enough interest for us to explore there.
 Other activities tat we did there:
1) Shopping at Nagoya mall, which was quite a distance from our resort (around 45 minutes taxi ride). We had A&W for lunch and stocked up quite a few cheap toiletries from the supermarket there.
2) While daddy took the kids to the pool, I brought the kiddos' great grandma for a pampering footspa at their in-house Spa and Massage centre and she loves it.
3) During the night, there were a few rounds of fireworks display and the excited kids managed to get a good view from the balcony.
 Everything was smooth and perfect right from our first day to the last .The only issue we encountered was the army of mozzies commandos that charged in at night, especially the living room and balcony area. Luckily I did my research before we came and was aware of this problem from the reviews I read online. Therefore I smartly prepared myself with 6 packs of mosquito patches (stick on my kiddos 24 hrs around the clock), 2 bottles of homemade repellents and my own aroma diffuser to safe guard all my people.
 Overall, kids had a wonderful time and the adults were contented with our short getaway at Montigo. In fact on our last day when we were making our way back to the ferry terminal, Rboy was whining to go back to our resort.
He just cant get enough of fun...haha

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