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Monday, 25 January 2016

Travelling with kids to Taiwan 2016 (PART 1) - Farmstay at Flying Cow Ranch (MiaoLi) + Sato Castle at Taipei

Details of our trip with kids (3 years old & 1.5 year old): 
Location- Taiwan- MiaoLi & Taipei
Duration- 5 Days 4 nights
Time- Mid January
Temperature -10-15 degrees. Perfect weather.

 We spent the first two nights at a farm called Flying Cow Ranch at Miaoli and the next two nights at a themed hotel called Sato Castle in Taipei.

The trip is arranged in the way that it is uncomplicated, easy and comfortable for our sunshine boys.

Our Farmstay at Flying Cow Ranch in Miaoli

How to get there:
1)From TaoYuan airport, take the railway train station to Tong Hsiao Station (1 hour 30 mins), then either take a shuttle bus or a taxi right to Flying Cow Ranch (15 mins ride at around NT250).
2) Or else just hail a taxi from the airport to go straight to the farm. The fare ranges from NT2500 to NT3000 (SGD$100-$130). Journey time will also be approximately 1hr 30 minutes.

We took a morning flight and by the time we reached the farm, it was in the evening. Our room was pretty decent with all basic toiletries and well-equipped with hot flask, fridge and etc.
In this photo, Rboy's crankiness was driving us up the wall. But I've forgotten why....either he was mad that he couldn't go out to see the animals or he was complaining that he didn't want to put on his jacket. Oh well...

They have a daily timetable that shows us all the DIY activities which we can participate using the vouchers given to us on the day of our check-in. After our dinner, we were just in time for the last activity of the day; pouch making workshop at 8pm. Basically is just a simple cut and paste activity and it was easy for the kiddos to complete.
The next morning, the kiddos were thrilled to begin their exploration . After our breakfast, we checked the timetable of the farm activities and proceed to the barnyard to visit the animals.
The barnyard was a 20 minutes walk away from our accommodation. As mentioned earlier, the cooling weather was simply perfect, so we took our time to get there ,enjoying the green pastures and taking selfies with the cattle.
 The boys only get to see farms from storybooks and TV programme...finally they get to see (or smell) a real one!

While waiting for the cow milking and ducks parade sessions, we spent some time feeding the goats and sheep. Rboy was more caution and made sure he kept a good distance from the animals. BabyK was the opposite. This little daredevil even attempt to pry open their mouth to see if they have any teeth. The next moment, I've to stop him from trying to pull the long tongues of the poor animals.
I was so paranoid and imagined that babyK will get chewed alive by the cattle, so I constantly kept a very close eye on him.
The boys were contented with themselves for completing the tasks assigned to them, awesome! Rboy participated in the milk feeding and was so pleased that the cow finished all the milk from his bottle.

The farmer scattered food around us so we can have close contact with the white fluffy ducks. As expected, my paranoid Rboy clinged on to me like a koala. At the same time, I was trying to grab hold of mischievous BabyK and stopped him from riding on the ducks.
Our morning at the farm was fulfilling and filled with lots of shrieks and laughter...mainly comes from me though.
We walked back to the restaurant to for their signature fresh cow's milk hotpot for lunch. Soup was flavourful and healthy-tasting, complements well with the soft cabbage.
The boys savoured every last bit of rice immersed in the milky soup.

We were provided with vouchers to redeem their daily milk and the boys always finished them up on the spot. Rboy loves the malt flavoured one which was a tad sweeter than the original milk, whereas BabyK just love anything related to dairy!
After our lunch, since the boys were too energetic for their nap, we decided to forgo naptime and proceeded straight to the strawberry farm!
How we get there: We got the hotel staff at the reception to recommend us the nearest strawberry farm and arranged a taxi to bring us there. The journey is around 40minutes and we paid NT1500 (SGD $65) for 2 ways transportation.

The boys were each given a basket and we wasted no time because the boys automatically knew what to do.
Either because we didn't come in the morning or it wasn't really a good season, the strawberries were miniature and the kids have to really dig and look for larger red ripe ones. Each time they found a good spot with more ripen strawberries, they would call out for each other to come over. Very good team work indeed.
I was absolutely impressed by babyK. He needs no instructions and can carry out this job independently. This 1.5 year old baby somehow knew that he should only look for the red ones to pluck. He loves this strawberry picking activity so much tat when I told the boys that we were leaving, BabyK began his tantrum and hysterical cries to stay longer.

Although the strawberries were not as pretty as I expected, they tasted sweeter and creamier than those tat I often bought from Singapore NTUC. BabyK loves the berries and finished all we've plucked, and that's like 2 baskets of loots!
Our taxi driver was waiting for us outside the strawberry farm the whole time. Before returning back to our hotel room, he brought us to a DaHu WineLand Resort (5 minutes drive away from our strawberry farm), which looks like a town market that sells mainly their local food and strawberries products.
There were many unique food made from or with strawberries, such as the strawberry sausage, strawberry pizza, strawberry fish fillets, strawberry popcorns and deep fried strawberries drizzled with chocolate sauce! It's like a challenge taken up by the stalls, the one who can come out with the most creative food ideas with strawberries will attract the most customers.
DaHu Wineland resort is not as big as it sounds, as we took like less than an hour to complete visiting almost all the shops there. However it's a nice place to explore or to shop for their local products, especially if you intend to visit the strawberry farm.
On our second morning, we planned to participate in one more DIY activity before we leave.
Our last activity happened to be one of their favourites... ICE-CREAM making !
All the ingredients were already measured and provided, so it was really an easy task of mixing and stirring only.
The best part is of course eating the ice-cream they made themselves
Click HERE for the PART 2 of our trip...
travelling down to Taipei and our castle stay, showcasing Spiderman room and Pirates room!

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  1. Hi, may I know which strawberries farm did u went? I'm thinking to bring my kids too. This place looks decent for kids :) Thanks!