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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Staycation with Kids At Shangri-La's Rasa Hotel , Sentosa

Shangri-La 's Rasa is always a timeless classic, despite the fact that the exterior design of the one at Sentosa is lacking of the exquisite and luxurious touch to it. It looks more like a dated beach resort than a magnificent 5-stars hotel. But still, it gives you the feel of a tropical island far from the hustle and bustle of the city.
(Above photo taken before the pigeon-war began)

Anyway the first half hour upon arrival , I had a little tussle with the boys at the lobby. While hubs was busy with the hotel check-in, BabyK was busy in the game of chase with the pigeons at the lobby. At the same time, his older brother the drama-rama Rboy was screaming his lungs out for me to protect him from those harmless and surprised pigeons. With one kid running to attack the pigeons, and the other running away to escape from the pigeons, it was quite an amusing scene at the lobby.
We arrived at least an hour earlier than the stated check-in time but was thankful to be given a room immediately. The kiddos cant wait to conquer their new territory! As usual, the first thing that the boy did once they enter the room , they kicked their shoes off and attacked the beds first!
  I read from some reviews that some of the guests received complementary biscuits and fruits, but not for us though. But at least the first round of their mini bar is complementary (only beverages).

The kids-friendly pool's facilities is one of our reason to choose this hotel. Pools with slides and water play made BabyK squealed in glee! Lifejackets are also provided for the kids and lifeguards are stationed at almost every corner of the pool.

The pool area is neat, large and spacious. Rboy still needs to work on his water confidence, but BabyK is certainly a water baby! He scrambled to every water spot in sight. Overall, the boys had a blast! Right in front of the pool is the hotel's private beach, but after the kids were done with the pool, they (or in fact WE) were too exhausted to explore the beach.

Rboy helping his little brother to get out of the pool.

The second reason why we looked forward to our Shangrila Rasa hotel stay is their awesome breakfast buffet! The staff used a puppet in their hand to guide the kids to their table and that somehow made the boys very delighted. The spread is incredible and I'm impressed by the kids buffet corner they set up for the little ones to help themselves with the food. It was indeed a really nice touch for families with kids.

Other interesting selections are...egg benedicts, noodles soup, dim sum, Indian cuisine , Japanese sushi's, freshly baked confectionery and many more. Their variety is unbeatable, considering it's just the first meal of the day.

BabyK toppled a cup of juice all over his pants and so I had to let him go pantless throughout our breakfast time. Obviously I can see that it was not really an issue to him.

After breakfast, we still had some time to spare before the check-out time. And that was when we made a pleasant discovery! There is a Kids' Club just below our hotel that comes with a free indoor playground! Yes, FREE indoor playground right below us and we didn't realize till that morning. My boys are big fans of indoor playgrounds and they worship me each time I take them there. Usually I've to spend close to a disgusting $50 for both kids plainly on the entrance fee. So now it gave me a good reason to be as thrilled as the kiddos!

There's an art room for the kids to get involved in some colouring and craft work...for FREE too. And if the kids are older, they get to conquer the awesome treehouse slide inside.

There is another toddler playroom but sadly it was closed for maintenance. The mini carousel captured the boys' attention and here they were pleading to get into the play room. Look at Rboy's disappointed face when I explained the meaning of "closed for maintenance".

I took them back to the indoor playground again and because we went on a  non-peak period weekday, the boys were the only kids here. The entire playground just for them....for FREE! Oh how I love the word "FREE"... beautiful music to my ears.

So what we love about Shangrila Rasa Sentosa
(experience based on our one night stay)
1) The pool with kids' friendly facilities
2) Awesome buffet breakfast spread
3) Free indoor playground and activities at Kids' Club
4) Early hotel check-in (take note: it was on a non-peak weekday that we went)
5) First round of mini bar is complementary
6) Free Wifi

The minus side
1) Some of the rooms have sea-views but not ours. Not sure if that was an option given when they allocated our rooms.
2) The hotel is aging and do need a face-lift. They need to do something to deserve the 5 stars rating.
Lastly, there's nothing better than ending our staycation at Shangrila Rasa hotel with contented and worn-out kids :P

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