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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Staycation with Kids At Hard Rock Hotel , Sentosa

Hard Rock is a fashionable hotel ideally situated very close to the top attractions in Sentosa Island. Their dark chic lobby is designed to fit the fashionable rock and roll theme.
Our lovely happy little sunshine boys ready to ROCK HERE!

The room looks young and spacious with cool and trendy interior. The bed is of a good decent size and as usual, Reagan automatically climbed up and snuggled himself under the covers.
Doing our happy dance again!
Hubs was prepared to give a really good thumbs up for this hotel until we realised that WIFI is chargeable and at a rip off price! $35 for 24 hours and only for one user. So if hubs and I want to tap on the WIFI, we got to pay $70 additional per day. Hotels that don't provides complimentary WIFI to their guests disgust us totally..yucks.

We got ourselves busy the whole night waving our mobile phones violently in the air and pinning ourselves against the window like Spiderman, in attempt to tap on some free WIFI around here. Sorry, it's not logical for us to pay extra for WIFI in Singapore...
On a lighter note, the breakfast buffet hotel is really reasonable priced and my boys get to eat free!
On the day before, we've just experienced the awesome brunch buffet at Shangri-La, so this was of course no match to it. Still, the breakfast choice of Hard Rock is pretty decent and really good enough considering the reasonable price that it's tagged with.
 If we to stay at Sentosa again and are lazy to go out far for meals early in the morning, we would definitely come back here again for the quick and decent breakfast.
"Anyone wants to play with the water and sand again...KI CHIEW (raise hands) haha!"
Needless to say, the highlights of our stay at Hard Rock is definitely the man-made beach again!
Since the last time that the boys visited here, they've been wanting to come back here again.
Cool breezy weather +Kids can play by themselves + Parents can chill and is good.

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