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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Staycation with Kids at Festive Hotel, Sentosa

As we drove into Sentosa, the boys began their "Happy Song" in the car. "We're going to Sentosa Sentosa Sentosa, how about you you you, wont you come too too too..."
We had planned a last minute staycation at Sentosa and the first hotel on our list is Festive Hotel. At the lobby, the kids were attracted by a nearby Lego shop , which is good to keep them entertained while hubs arranged for the hotel check-in.

I've heard that the hotel provide some goody bags for the kids, but sadly we did not receive any. Neither did we go back to the counter to ask for it as all of us were already looking forward to see our deluxe family king room.
The hallway was pretty dark and lacked the factor of elegance. but we were glad that the room was at least bright and cheery, but not as spacious as it was shown on the websites. The TV was not working, so we called up and asked for assistance. AT least one full hour of our time is used up waiting for the technician to check and the staff to arrange a change of room for us.  Since it is a 5 stars-rated hotel, we certainly arrived with a higher expectation and expected at least a smooth and fuss-free check-in on our first day. The bathroom was kept to the minimal and sadly came without a bathtub. Considering it to be a Family King's supposed to be friendly with family that come with KIDS. And kids go very well with BATHTUBS. Now we felt relieved that we booked the room at a large discounted rate instead of the original full price which we did consider before the promotion.
Still, the children loft bed was a hit with my boys. Rboy immediately announced that this bed belonged to him and wanted to sleep there that night. And as usual, BabyK just can't stop clinging onto the stairs like a koala. The bedsheet of the loft bed was a little damp, probably because the air-con was blowing directly on to it. There's just this dark and musky feel to that corner where the loft bed was, so I was not really comfortable with them sleeping there over the night. Well, I think it's just me, the illogical 6th sense of a mother. 
After settling our our luggage down, we prepared the boys and made our first visit ; the sea aquarium. It was BabyK's first visit and he was truly mesmerized by all the sea action .He tapped on the glass and called out "Nemo Nemo" at every fish and followed them around. It was the time of Halloween too, and the boys were also entertained by the scuba divers in skeleton costume. 

 When night falls, there was nothing much to explore at Sentosa with kids. So we goggled for night activity in Sentosa and came across Wings of Time, a multi-sensory water display with laser and fire effects. If you have kids who are also obsessed with laser lights, 3D and fireworks, this is definitely one stop to make at Sentosa. The short fireworks display at the end of the show was simply spectacular. 
(photo borrowed from website)

Early the next morning, the sunshine boys were all dressed up and in excellent mood!

Festive hotel doesn't offer breakfast buffet, so we had ours at the nearby Hard Rock Hotel instead.

Then our next highlight of this staycation is...

the man-made beach at HardRock Hotel ... my boys' favourite  tropical water playground.

What I love about man-made beach is's a MAN-MADE BEACH! What's not to love? If you compare to the beaches in Singapore, then this man-made beach totally wins hand-down especially we are talking about young kids here. The sand here is much finer and softer, no oil slicks and mud, the air here don't smell like urine, no pestering mozzies , no sharp stones and rocks in the sand, the water is not disgusting salty...and best of crashing waves. I don't have to worry about the waves dragging my baby and toddler into the sea. Furthermore, my boys had fun with the "cleaner" sandplay and they were confident to step into the water by themselves. At the same time, hubs and I had an easy time keeping an eye on them while enjoying our sunbathing and cocktail at a good distance.
It is such a wonderful feeling to watch your kids playing nicely with each other independently. They communicated, they played, they shared .... before they fought for the same bucket later on.

That's pretty much the end of our one night staycation, short but fulfilling. So here we go, packed all our memories into our baggage with us before we bid farewell to Festive Hotel and Sentosa.

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